Is There A Difference Between Boy And Girl Diapers?

Wonder if is there a difference between boy and girl diapers?

Yes there is! So, let us walk you through the difference between girl and boy diapers.

If your new to diapers or have been experiencing a large amount of diaper blowouts, you may be wondering if you need to buy diapers specific to your child’s gender.

Well, the good news is no you don’t need to buy specific boy or girl diapers, as the majority of diaper brands that create a general neutral diaper.

But, there are some differences and advantages to buying gender specific diapers.

So, let’s dive in and look at the the main differences.

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Is There A Difference Between Girl And Boy Diapers?

Yes, there is a difference between girl and boy diapers! However, most brands only offer a gender neutral diapers, especially in the smaller sizes. So, you do not need to buy gender specific diapers.

Specific boy and girl diapers are more readily available in pull ups sizes and brands.

Key Differences Between Diapers for Boys and Diapers for Girls


Absorbency is one of the main differences between boy and girl diapers. More specifically the location of the absorbent material.

Boy diapers typically have most of the absorbent material concentrated in the front, while girls’ have it in the middle/bottom. Having the absorbent material where you need it most will help in reducing leaks, especially as your child grows.

This can also help reduce leaks overnight, especially if you have a heavy wetter.

You’ll find brands such as Goodnights have gender specific diapers for this very reason.

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Another key difference between girls’ and boys’ diapers is the shape. The differences between the two can be pretty hard to spot (especially as these two kinds of diapers are more or less exactly the same).

However, boys’ diapers are usually rectangular or square-shaped in design, while girls’ diapers are usually rounder.


You’ll notice once your child moves into pullups that many of the brands offer diapers that are gender specific. They will also have designs geared towards boys and girls.

Generally, by the age your child is switching to pullups, they are more aware that they are in a diaper. So, the cute designs with their favorite characters are aimed to help entice kids to wear them.

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When To Buy A Gender Specific Diaper

Whilst many parents opt for unisex diapers, but like most things in parenting their is no hard and fast rules, so you may want to consider buying a gender specific diaper if you are:

  1. Experiencing regular diaper blowouts
  2. Your diapers are not lasting through the night
  3. Your child is switching to pullups
  4. Your child is older and wearing nighttime diapers
  5. You prefer them

Final Thoughts on Difference Between Girl and Boy Diapers

As we’ve discussed there is a difference between girl and boy diapers, but whether you choose to buy unisex diapers or gender specific diapers will come down to your baby and your personal preference.

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