How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat

Wondering how to keep your baby cool in a car seat during warmer weather?

Then our ultimate guide on how to keep baby cool in car seat is for you!

It’s normal for parents to worry about your baby’s comfort during car rides.

Afterall, your child’s safety is a significant concern, and with climate change, you’re probably thinking about the best way to prevent your little one from getting too hot.

According to the latest research studies, summer is getting hotter and longer, and this can be extremely difficult for an infant.

So, if you want to learn different ways to keep baby cool in car seat during long rides, read this article.

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how to keep baby cool in car seat

How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat

Nothing stresses out a parent more than finding their baby crying non-stop without being able to help them. Your child will feel extremely uncomfortable when it’s too hot in the car, and this will affect you whether you’re behind the wheel or sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Car seats are designed to be heavily padded for more safety, protecting your child from impact. Unfortunately, this thick padding will make your little one too hot and uncomfortable, especially when the temperature rises or you go on long rides.

Things are even worse for rear-facing car seats, which are safer. Since the air conditioning can’t reach your baby in a rear-facing seat, your little one is likely to scream throughout the commute. Moreover, the accumulation of sweat can lead to several painful skin infections.

Luckily, following these tips will help you keep cool and comfortable in the car seat.

1. Keep the Car in the Shade

When you park your car, try to find a shaded spot. This might not work every time, but if possible, it can keep your car cooler.

Once you get into the car, you won’t wait for an extended period before the air conditioning has started cooling the interior. This means that your little one is less likely to feel annoyed.

2. Pick the Right Time

Whenever possible, schedule your car rides early in the morning or late in the evening. During this time, the sun won’t be that hot, and your little one won’t be extremely irritated.

Running errands in the morning is even better because the streets are less crowded. This way, you can finish everything before the hot noon summer kicks in, and you can enjoy a relaxing evening with your baby at home.

3. Dress Your Baby Appropriately

One of the best ways to keep baby from sweating in car seat is to dress your little one for the weather, not according to what others advise you. A lot of people mistakenly wrap their kids in layers of clothes, making them overheat. If you feel hot and sweaty, then this is probably how your baby feels.

If you notice that your baby’s face is red, breathing heavily, or sweating and crying, remove a layer or two. Check the nape of the neck because if it feels too hot, then your baby is overheating.

4. Block the Sun

There are several methods that can try to block the sun, making your car cooler and safer for your baby. Each one of these methods comes with some pros and cons.

Window tinting is a smart decision as it blocks the sun’s UV rays, keeps your car cooler, and provides you and your child with more privacy. Moreover, in case of an impact, this tint can prevent shattered glass from flying inside your car and hurting you or your child.

Nevertheless, it might not be allowed in some states. So, to avoid getting into legal issues, check with your DMV to see if you’re allowed to install window tint.

If installing tints isn’t available, you can buy reflective sunshades. There are different styles of reflective shades that you can try to see what works for you.

The accordion-style one is placed on the front windshield, keeping your car cool until the next ride. There are also reflective car covers that you can use if you don’t park your car in a garage.

While driving, you can use mesh shades. These can be used on the side windows but might affect your driving ability as they mask the window’s view.

5. Pick the Right Car Seat

A light interior will be cooler than a dark car interior. Since it’s difficult to change your car’s interior, you can pay attention to this piece of information while picking your baby’s car seat.

Instead of a dark seat, choose a light one to reflect the light rather than absorb it. You should also pick moisture-wicking fabric to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Use a breathable liner for more comfort if the fabric isn’t breathable.

6. Pre-Cool the Car

Start the car about 10 minutes earlier and turn on the AC whenever possible. The air conditioning will turn down the heat in the car and make it more comfortable, so by the time you put your baby in the car seat, it will already be cool.

This tip works well if you’re leaving from home or a friend’s house, but you don’t want to do it when you’re outside alone. You also need to make sure that your engine is running. Turning on the AC when your engine is off will deplete the car’s battery.

If you’re a new parent and you’re shopping for a car, consider picking a model with rear-facing air conditioning vents. This will provide cooler airflow to your baby.

7. Use Cooling Towels

Cooling towels can help regulate the baby’s temperature in hot weather. They’re quite beneficial because they’re portable and highly efficient, cooling off your baby in a few minutes.

Yet, knowing where and how to place these towels for your child’s safety is crucial. Cooling towels should never be placed under the harness, as they’ll push your baby’s head forward, compromising your child’s airway.

Instead, place them over the harness. Cooling towels aren’t recommended for babies younger than six months old, as they can affect the child’s ability to regulate its body temperature.

Final Thoughts on how to keep your baby cool in a car seat

Because your child’s safety and comfort matter, you should always think about the best ways to keep your child cool in the car seat. Try some of these methods and see how they work for you.

If you notice that your baby is overheating and is extremely flushed or facing difficulty breathing, you should immediately head to the doctor’s office or the hospital.

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how to keep your baby cool in a car seat