How Many Sleep Sacks Do I Need?

If you’re preparing for a baby, you’ve likely asked yourself ‘how many sleep sacks do I need for baby?’.

As blankets aren’t recommend for small babies, when babies are sleeping, they usually wear a sleep sack, also known as a wearable blanket, or a swaddle.

The purpose of using a sleep sack is to provide warmth and comfort to babies during sleep safely.

They can be worn from newborn all the way through to toddlerhood and beyond.

But, when it comes to stocking up in time for the baby to arrive, how many sleep sacks do you need to make sure that you have?

If you’re currently asking yourself this question, rest assured that we are here to help.

In this guide, we’ll be breaking down how many sleep sacks you should have, as well as other helpful information.

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how many sleep sacks do i need

How Many Sleep Sacks Do I Need?

Before we dive into discussing how many sleep sacks do I need for a newborn or baby, let’s take a look at what is a sleep sack and how it differs to a swaddle.

What is a Sleep Sack?

Before we get any further into this guide, we first think that it would be helpful to outline what a sleep sack is, exactly.

By understanding what the function of a sleep sack is, you will be able to make a more informed decision about how many you are going to need.

To cut a long story short, a sleep sack which can also be known as a wearable blanket or sleeping bag, is essentially a type of wearable blanket that most babies begin to use when they transition to sleeping each night in a crib.

For this reason, it is important to note that sleeping sacks are not typically used by newborn babies.

When used correctly, a sleep sack will be able to keep your little one cozy and warm while they sleep in their crib, all while ensuring that they will be able to be wrapped up in the same way that a blanket would without the risk of SIDS or accidental suffocation.

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How is a Sleep Sack Different From a Swaddle?

Even though the term is sometimes used interchangeably, it is important to note that these two things are very different from each other.

A swaddle is basically a blanket that has been wrapped around an infant in such a way that it holds them securely, like a baby burrito. Their arms and legs are completely covered and secured. This way they cannot move around too much and will stay warm. It also helps with sleep. 

A swaddle is used for swaddling or wrapping up your newborn baby for the first 2 months to help protect your baby from waking themselves up with their natural startle reflex.

Swaddles are usually very thin and light blankets, however there are also more modern swaddle sacks that are essentially like a tight mini sleeping bag with snaps, Velcro, or zippers for easy access to put on your baby. They are a more expensive than a traditional blanket swaddle, but are much easier and safer to use.

This differs from a wearable blanket in which your baby’s arms are kept out of the sleeping sack and free to move. Some sleeping sacks will also have sleeves like a shirt, but do not restrict the arm movement like a swaddle does.

You can also purchase transitional swaddle sacks that will convert into a sleep sack by releasing the snaps or removing the sleeve from the arm area.

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How Many Sleeping Sacks Should You Have?

Now, for the all important question! How many sleeping sacks should you have on deck?

Generally speaking, there is no clear cut answer for this, as ultimately, the amount of sleep sacks that you choose to buy will ultimately come down to your climate, baby, and budget.

We recommend purchasing at minimum 2 sleeping bags in the appropriate sizes and TOG.

If you own two then one can be in the wash while your baby is wearing the other one. It might even be helpful to consider having up to five on hand to use in case of emergencies!

Reasons For Needing So Many Sleeping Sacks

You might be wondering why you would need up to five sleeping sacks for one baby. Well, we’ve created a list of reasons for you. 


Most parents know the pain of watching your laundry pile up. Babies and toddlers go through a lot of clothes and it often feels like you can’t catch up with the laundry. This is why it is better to have more than two sleeping sacks. 

Having around three to five sleeping sacks means that if you haven’t managed to do the laundry in a while you are likely to have some sleeping sacks left for you to use. 


Wearable sleeping bags come in different TOGs. That is different thickness and ratings to keep your baby warm no matter the temperature.

If your baby is born during the changing of seasons, then you may need to consider buying a few different TOGs so that your baby is not too cold or hot.


Diaper blowouts are common, especially during the night, so making sure that you have an additional sleep sack on hand will certainly help if you need to put your baby in a fresh one during the night.

If you’re baby also has reflux or is sick you may also find yourself reaching for a spare sleep sack.

Why Should You Use a Sleep Sack?

Similar to swaddling, using a sleep sack is a very old method of keeping babies warm while they sleep, and has been used for many generations.

Sleep sacks offer many benefits to your baby, here are some of them:

1. Provides Comfort

One of the biggest benefits that a sleep sack offers is that it can create a “womb-like” feeling that will help to keep your little one comfortable as they transition to sleeping in a crib every night.

Besides making it easier for your baby to transition to a crib, a sleep sack will also be able to keep your baby warm and prevent anxiousness.

2. Helps To Maintain Body Temperature

Along with providing plenty of comfort, using a sleeping sack can also help to ensure that your baby will remain toasty warm and cozy while they are asleep in their crib.

Similar to a swaddle, a sleep sack provides the same snug fit that not only emulates the feel of the womb, but will also help to maintain your baby’s body temperature while they are sleeping.

3. Prevents Scratching

Along with being able to provide plenty of comfort to your little one as well as being able to regulate body temperature – a sleep sack also has the ability to prevent your baby from scratching themselves at night.

This is especially important given the fact that baby’s nails are known to grow extremely quickly, and makes opting for a sleep sack a great choice for baby’s with sensitive skin.

4. Can Encourage Longer Sleep

Another great benefit of using a sleep sack is that they can have the ability to help encourage a longer and more restful sleep.

Besides being very beneficial to the growth and development of your baby, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of your little one enjoying more sleep as you will have more time to do chores, enjoy me-time and even catch up on some extra sleep yourself.

5. Protects From Germs

Last but certainly not least, the final main benefit that baby sleep sacks offer is that they are able to help protect your little one’s immune system while they are asleep.

Plus, if your baby is wrapped up in a sleep sack, it means that anyone who wishes to hold your baby will be touching the cloth of the sack as opposed to directly touching your baby, which will also help to provide some protection against becoming ill.

Final Thoughts on How Many Wearable Blankets Do I Need?

When it comes to the question of how many sleeping sacks should I have, the answer will ultimately depend on your preferences, and how many you would like to have.

However, practically speaking – you should only need to have around two to five sleep sacks, as this will allow you to easily alternate between them while washing them. 

Along with this, you’ll also want to make sure that you have a spare on hand just in case there is a diaper leak during the night.

Now that you have taken the time to read through our guide on how many sleeping bags do I need for baby, we hope that we have been able to settle any confusion that you may have had surrounding how many sleeping sacks to stock up on. 

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