How Many People To Invite To Baby Shower

Wondering how many people do you invite to a baby shower? Let us help with our guide on how many people to invite to a baby shower, and who should make the cut.

There’s a baby on the way, and you all want to celebrate! A baby shower is a chance to honor the mom-to-be, and spend time with loved ones before the baby comes along and everything changes.

But although planning a baby shower is exciting, it also comes with a lot of stress. Especially when you’re designing the guest list.

A big baby shower feels like a party, with lots of love and celebration (not to mention gifts). However, big showers can also be overwhelming, especially for the mom-to-be. A small shower allows for some special bonding, but it can be hard to create the party atmosphere.

In this guide, we’ll help you create the perfect guest list for your baby shower. From deciding on guest numbers, to nailing the invite list, we’ve covered everything you need to know about who to invite to a baby shower.

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how many people do you invite to a baby shower

How Many People To Invite To A Baby Shower?

The average baby shower has between 15 and 30 people, but the number of guests can be anywhere from 3 to 50 (with some moms enjoying even bigger celebrations). There’s no set number of invitees for a baby shower.

Instead, think about the size of the venue, the type of shower, and what the mom-to-be is comfortable with!

When putting together the guest list, don’t focus on how many people you think you should invite. Consider who you (and the mom-to-be) want to be there, and plan accordingly!

15 to 30 is the average number of invitees, but it’s up to you how big a party to go for. More guests might mean more presents, but it can also make the day overwhelming for an expectant mother.

Intimate celebrations can be heartfelt, but they also lack the celebration atmosphere of a big party. For most people. 15 to 30 is the sweet spot between the two opposing styles. 

A baby shower is all about celebrating a mom and her growing baby! Plan a shower that suits the needs of those being celebrated. 

How Many People Is Too Much For A Baby Shower?

Most people consider 50 to be the maximum number of guests for a baby shower, as this is considered a fairly intimate occasion.

One of the most important things to consider when deciding the guest list is the size of the venue. Baby showers are often held at home, limiting the number of invites. All guests should feel welcomed, so keep numbers appropriate for the space. 

It’s also essential that the mom-to-be is comfortable throughout the day. The mom really is the star of the party, so she’s going to be getting a lot of attention. If she has to greet and chat with 50+ guests, it can all get a bit too much.

It might sound obvious, but everyone at the party should know that there’s a baby on the way! If the invite comes as a surprise, then they probably shouldn’t have been invited.

How Small Can A Baby Shower Be?

There’s no size that’s too small for a baby shower, but make sure you aren’t leaving anyone important off the list.

If you want to keep things intimate, come up with an extensive list of people who you might consider inviting. Then, slowly work your way through the list until you have only the most important guests!

A small celebration, between 5 and 15 people, can be a lovely way to celebrate a mom-to-be without the stress.

However, it will require a lot of care with the guest list. You want to avoid hurt feelings and disappointment. Make sure you’ve considered everyone the mom-to-be will want on the guest list. 

who to invite to a baby shower?

Putting together the guest list is important to ensuring the baby shower has a celebratory mood. You want everyone on the list to be excited about the new arrival, and to have a close relationship with the mom-to-be. 

The obvious invitee is the mom of the mom-to-be. This is a must, and they might want to be involved in the planning. 

Next, consider other family members who need an invitation. Sisters and grandparents are typically the first in line. Depending on the size of the shower, and the closeness of the relationship, you might want to invite cousins and aunties.

The mom-in-law, or the mom of the dad-to-be, is another common invitee. Of course, these relationships can be a bit tricky, so not every mom will appreciate seeing her mother-in-law at the baby shower.

So, while this may be a standard invitation, use your discretion when deciding to issue an invite.

Now it’s time to start thinking about friends. For a small shower, you might want to keep it to just the best friends. If you have a little more space on the guest list, you can extend the invite to a larger group. 

As with numbers, there’s no strict rules when it comes to who makes the baby shower guest list. It’s much more important to consider the actual relationship that the mom-to-be has with potential guests!

Who To Leave Off The Baby Shower Guest List?

There’s one big question when it comes to choosing a guest list for a baby shower: do you invite the men? Baby showers are often a “ladies only” event, with even dad-to-be sitting out the celebrations.

However, co-ed baby showers are still a popular choice, as they invite the happy couple to celebrate together. If you are going co-ed, make sure each member of the couple has a roughly equal number of guests. You’ll need to invite family and friends from both sides!

Avoid inviting anyone who isn’t exactly “in the loop” about the pregnancy. If they’re surprised by the news there’s a baby on the way, they shouldn’t be at the shower. A baby shower should be a thoughtful occasion, where the focus stays on the mom-to-be.

Casual friends and acquaintances shouldn’t get an invitation, either. If you start inviting too many people, it will start to look like a present grab. 

Who Decides The Guest List For A Baby Shower?

The host generally decides on the guest list for a baby shower. As the host picks the venue (and it’s often their house), they should be in charge of deciding on the number of invitations. 

However, if the baby shower isn’t a surprise, you might want to consult the mom-to-be! If you’ve already created a guest list, you can ask her to give it a look over, and see if it gets approval.

Alternatively, you can work together to create a guest list that is suitable for the venue, and includes everyone that the expectant mom wants there.

Whether or not mom-to-be is involved in the guest list, they should be the focus of your decision-making! Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it’s also stressful and often uncomfortable. Avoid crowds and guests that might make the new mom feel pressured.

Final Thoughts on how many people do you invite to a baby shower

There’s no set rules regarding the size of a baby shower, but most have around 15 to 30 guests in attendance. Choose a guest list that suits the venue and the mom-to-be, rather than getting caught up in what you think the “correct” number is.

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how many people to invite to baby shower