How Many Bibs Do I Need?

If you’re preparing for a baby, you’ve likely asked yourself ‘how many bibs do I need?’.

You know your baby will go through a lot of the basics like pacifiers, diapers, and wipes but just how many bibs can you expect to go through?

Many parents realize a bib is vital for mealtimes as a baby, but they can also be very useful if your baby spits up or drools a lot.

These genius bits of fabric will help to keep them squeaky clean and help reduce the amount of times you need to change your baby throughout the day.

So, in this article, we not only go over their usefulness of bibs, but we will also give you a guide on how many bibs you might want to stock up on if you have a little one on the way.

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What Are Baby Bibs?

Baby bibs are small pieces of fabric that attach around the neck and waistline of your child. They’re used to protect clothing from stains and spills whilst also keeping your baby clean.

They can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials so lets take a deeper look.

Different Types of Bibs

1. Traditional Classic Bibs

The standard classic bib are the most common type for babies. The bibs resembles a half-moon shape with two strips of cloth to tie around the baby’s neck. 

They are generally made from cotton.

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2. Feeding Bibs

Feeding bibs are just like they sound. Bibs for when you’re feeding your baby.

Whilst they may be simple in design, they are incredibly useful when it comes to keeping your little ones and your kitchen floor clean.

Feeding bibs are typically made out of plastic, silicone or rubber. This makes them very easy to clean.

They will also have a pocket at the bottom to catch both liquids and solids.

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3. Smock Bibs

Smock bibs are a t-shirt like bib that provides full coverage for your baby neck to knee. These types of bibs are perfect for those extra messy little eaters or when you’re trying to keep those special clothes clean.

They are also a lifesaver if you are feeding at a restaurant or someone else’s house.

While a bit bulkier, they have an open back, so you can roll up food bits into the material before they get everywhere.

4. Disposable Bibs

Disposable bibs are just that, disposable. If you’re heading on vacation or attending an event where you want to be able to throw away anything messy, then you may be interested in disposable bibs. These are not ideal for every day use.

5. Bandana Bib

Bandana bibs are designed with drooling babies in mind! They work by catching your baby’s drool and helping to keep your baby dry, and comfortable. They are also can be a very cute accessory to their outfit.

So, How Many Bibs Should I Buy?

Depending on the type of bib you choose, ideally you will start with 6 to 10 bibs. You can always increase your stash as you need.

This means if you skip a few days or even a week of putting them in the wash, you will still have lots left over for feeding times or too help keep that baby drool at bay. 

We also recommend keeping some tucked away in the car or your diaper bag so you’re always prepared, even on the go.

Final Thoughts on How Many Bibs Do You Need

Bibs are a essential part of protecting your baby clothes from drool, milk and food. 

So, you’re going to want to ensure you have enough bibs to have some in the wash, some spare, and some ready for use!

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