How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need?

If you’re preparing for a baby, you’ve likely asked yourself ‘how many baby bottles do I need?’.

You know your baby will go through a lot of the basics like pacifiers, diapers, and wipes but just how many baby bottles can you expect to go through?

Well, this can vary greatly depending if you’re occasionally bottle feeding, part time bottle feeding, or full time bottle feeding.

So, let’s dive in an take a look at how many bottles do you need for your baby deending on your needs.

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How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need?

When it comes to how many baby bottle you need, it will greatly depend on how often you plan to use them.

Newborn babies generally feed between 10 and 14 times within 24 hours. Whilst this does lessen as they grow, let’s take a look at how many baby bottles do I need for newborn depending on your feeding requirements.

Occasionally bottle feeding

If you are only occasionally bottle feeding, for example dad does a night time fed, then you will only need one to two baby bottles and teats.

Part time bottle feeding

If you’re bottle feeding on a part time basis, such as daycare or for outings, you might want around two to four bottles and teats. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough bottles to cover the feeds without needing to wash bottles in between.

Full time bottle feeding

If you are exclusively bottle feeding your baby, whether formula or expressed breastmilk, you will want around four to six bottles and teats to get you started. That way you’ll have enough spare so won’t find yourself continuously washing and sterilizing your bottles or replacing teats right as you need it.

If you have multiple babies then you will need to increase how many bottles you have.

Other baby bottle items you’ll also need to consider is:

  • A set of teats (these come in various sizes).
  • Two lids (one for each bottle).
  • A sterilizer (for sterilizing the bottles after every feed).
  • Storage bags (to store the bottles in).
  • Baby bottle cleaning kit (for cleaning your bottles).
  • A measuring jug (to measure out the milk).
  • A funnel (if you are bottle feeding).
  • A spoon (if you are bottle-feeding).
  • A scale (to weigh the amount of milk you are giving your child).

The Different Types Of Baby Bottles

There are many baby bottles out there to choose from and this is something that not many new parents are made aware of.

Baby bottle types include:

Plastic Baby Bottles

These are the most popular types of bottle used today.

They are very versatile and they can be used for both formula and breastmilk. However, they do tend to break easily.

Glass Baby Bottles

They are often preferred by people who like to display their bottles. Glass bottles are expensive but they last longer than plastic ones.

Silicone Baby Bottles

These baby bottles are made of silicone and they are designed so that they don’t leak. They are also dishwasher safe.

Sippy Cups

This is another popular choice amongst parents. Sippy cups are very similar to regular baby bottles in terms of shape and size.

The only difference between them is that they come with a spout instead of a nipple.

This means that you can drink directly from the cup without having to clean anything first.

Final Thoughts on How Many Baby Bottles Do You Need

There really is no set rules to how many baby bottles you’ll need. It will come down to your frequency of use.

Whilst it is best to be prepared, it’s also good not to go overboard as you will need to change your baby bottles and teats as your baby grows.

Just remember you can always buy more as you need.

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