How Long Should Newborn Wear Mittens?

Been asking yourself ‘how long should newborn wear mittens?’

Well, let us answer your question and more in this guide on how long should newborn babies wear mittens.

While mittens for adults keep cold hands and fingers warm, mittens for newborn babies are often used for different purposes.

Mittens can help protect babies’ soft skin so they don’t scratch themselves when they sleep. 

But how long should they be wearing them? Is there a correct time frame that we should be considering? And how do we know what that is?

It can be tricky to know these answers and leaves many of us unsure of do babies need mittens and how long a new baby should be wearing them.

So let’s take a look!

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How Long Should Newborn Wear Mittens?

Whether you want to discourage your baby from sucking a finger or help protect their delicate skin, at some point your baby won’t need mittens anymore.

How long a baby should wear mittens is an important question for most first-time parents because mittens do not only have benefits.

They can also be a disadvantage for the baby’s development. Saying this, there is no hard and fast rule when your baby doesn’t need mittens anymore.

Some parents won’t put mittens in their babies when they notice the baby is uncomfortable. Other parents choose to stop after a certain time.

Some child care professionals recommend that babies should stop wearing mittens from the age of 1 month.

This may sound very early but by that time your baby will have developed the essential motor skills to control hands and legs.

One-month-old babies also had a chance to get to know their environment, and their focus now turns to explore what’s around them.

This is just a recommendation, and it’s important to remember that every baby is different. If you find that your little one still ends up with scratches, then it’s a good idea to keep the mittens on for a little longer.

It can also be a good idea to consult your doctor before deciding whether to continue using mittens. This way, you’ll make sure that your baby’s health isn’t affected.

Choosing The Right Mittens For Your New Baby

When it comes to choosing your newborn’s mittens you’ll want to consider:


Mittens come in a range of sizes for babies and toddler. So you will need to ensure you’re building newborn sized mittens for your new baby.


Mittens aren’t just for newborns to prevent them scratching their face. They are also used to keep their hands warm whilst in colder weather.

So, when your looking to buy your newborn mittens ensure that your also considering what you’ll be using them for. You don’t want to put thick snow mittens on your baby in the middle of summer.


Babies have sensitive skin, so you may want to consider the types of fabrics your mittens are made from. We recommend using a 100% organic cotton mitten for your newborn to sleep in.


If you’re one for having your baby outfits match then you’ll probably want to ensure that you have a few pairs of different colored mittens so you can mix and match as needed.

How To Keep Baby Mittens On

The good news is most newborn mittens are designed to stay on. They may come with elastic around the wrist or even be built into your baby’s bodysuit. So, ensure that you are choosing baby mittens with inbuild features to help them stay on.

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FAQs on How Long Should Newborn Wear Mittens

There are so many questions about this topic. Here are some answers to a few other essential questions:

Can A Baby Wear Mittens In Bed?

Yes, your baby can wear mittens in bed. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that babies wear protective mittens in bed.

As the fingernails of a newborn are very sharp, there is a risk of them scratching themselves inadvertently. Mittens prevent this, and they also keep the baby’s hands warm.

When Should I Cut My Baby’s Nails?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that babies’ nails should be cut between 6 weeks and 2 months old.

However, if you’re concerned about your baby’s nail growth, you can wait until 3 months old.

If you decide to cut your baby’s nails earlier than recommended, make sure you use a soft towel to avoid hurting your baby.

Do I Need To Wash My Baby’s Hands Before Putting On Mittens?

It’s a good idea to wash your baby’s tiny hands before you put the mittens on. This will remove any dirt and germs.

After all, you want to make sure that your baby’s hands are well protected.  

Final Thoughts on Mittens on Babies Hands

Babies grow quickly, and they learn new things every day. As a parent, you want to ensure that they stay safe and comfortable.

Mittens are a great way to protect your baby from hurting themselves while giving them the freedom to explore everything with their hands.

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How Long Should Newborn Wear Mittens