Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad: 13 Essentials For Dad’s Go Bag

Want to make sure you don’t miss anything for dad when preparing for the birth of your baby? Then this hospital bag checklist for dad is for you!

Let’s face it, nearly everyone focuses on packing a hospital bag for mom and the baby, but it’s easy to forget that you also need a hospital checklist for dad, especially if he plans to stay with you as your support person.

To ensure dad is prepared too, he will need to bring all the necessary items with him that he’ll need for at least one or two days.

Many hospitals now have requirements that only let birthing partners leave once a day, and some require them to stay the entire time.

So, it’s a smart idea to have a small hospital bag packed and ready to go with all of the necessary supplies for the expectant father.

If you’re wondering what goes in a hospital bag for dad then keep reading as our dad hospital bag list covers 13 essentials you don’t want to forget!

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The best time to pack your dad go bag for hospital is when your partner is around 35 to 36 weeks. Your new dad hospital bag isn’t something that you should delay as you want to avoid heading to the hospital unprepared.

And nothing is worse than struggling to pack a bag while your wife yells that the baby is on its way!

So hopefully, if you pack your hospital bag at week 35 to week 36, you will have several weeks to go before the baby arrives, but you will also be prepared in case your baby arrives early. Which happens all the time.

And for the last minute items, make sure to attach a hospital packing list for dad to your bag and circle what you need to grab before you head out the door.

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If you’re wondering what your hospital checklist for dad should include, here is what most dads need and want to include in their go-bag. Being prepared is the name of the game; it’s better to have too much than forgetting something. 

1.   Extra Clothing

Depending on whether your partner has a vaginal birth or c-section, you’ll be at the hospital for 24-72 hours after the birth. It’s best to include two clothing changes in your dad hospital survival kit; don’t forget the socks and underwear! Pajamas are a must-have in your hospital bag too.

Make sure to include a sweatshirt, even if it’s in the middle of the summer. Too many hospital rooms are chilly, and if your partner is hot during labor, she might want the thermostat to be turned down. You’ll be thankful that you included a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Remember, you might be leaving the hospital. If your wife has a craving for sushi or a burger, you’re the go-to man, so make sure you have something that’s semi-presentable.

2.   Swimsuit

If your partner is planning a water birth, you might want to include a set of swim trunks. Many dads want to join their partner in the birthing tub to support and watch their baby’s birth. Some hospitals allow dads to assist in water birth, so be sure to include this. You don’t want to miss out!

3.   Slippers

Hospital floors are cold and dirty, so bring a pair of men’s slippers. You don’t want to live in your sneakers for a few days. If you don’t like slippers, consider Crocs or other slip-on style shoes.

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4.   Toiletries

While you’re at the hospital, dads can use the shower and bathroom facility. After the delivery and a sleepless night or two, having a hot shower makes you feel better and more like a human. Plus, you want to stay fresh if your hospital allows visitors. 

Some toiletries that you need to bring include:

5.   Snacks

Hospital food is far from the best, and it’s expensive. You have no idea how long the birthing process will take and how long you’ll be at the hospital, so come prepared with plenty of your favorite snacks. Make sure not to include anything perishable unless it’s an apple or banana that is heartier.

A few ideas for snacks to include in your dad go-bag include:

6.   Medications

If you develop a headache, the hospital’s gift store charges you $4 for the tiniest bottle ever made. Don’t waste your money; pack some of the common medications you take. Include some antacids (hospital food), pain relievers, and any daily medications that you take. Those need to be grabbed right before you leave the house.

7.   Small Bills & Changes

Keep some cash and change on hand for vending machines and parking meters. Most hospitals provide food and drinks for fathers, but if you decide you want a soda in the middle of the night, the machine needs small bills.

8.   Phone Charger

You can’t pack your phone ahead of time, but you can make sure to have an extra charging cable in the bag. Phones typically serve as a camera nowadays, so make sure you have cords. The last thing you want is for your phone to die right before your baby makes his or her arrival.

Speaking of cameras, if you do have a camera that you want to use, make sure you pack it and extra batteries.

9.   Headphones and a Bluetooth Speaker

Make a playlist for your partner; some find music relaxing during childbirth. Some women like classical music, but others want music that makes them feel like they need to dance and have fun. Consider bringing a Bluetooth speaker if your partner wants music throughout the room during labor.

Bring wireless headphones for your partner or yourself. After childbirth, while your partner sleeps, you might want to list to some music without disturbing anyone.

dad packing list for hospital

10.  Water Bottle

Staying hydrated throughout labor and delivery is a necessity. Include a few reusable water bottles in your dad go-bag, and you might want to include some drink mixes like Crystal Light. Consider tossing in a few bottles of Gatorade or Powerade for your power during labor.

11.   Pillow & Blanket

No matter what the hospital thinks, the pillows that they provide for partners are rarely comfortable. It feels like you need five pillows to find the right comfort level.

Bring a pillow and a thick blanket from home. While the hospital might provide both, it’s best to be prepared. Most hospitals only offer a sheet, and too many rooms are cold.

Many dads feel that having a fluffy, comfortable pillow and warm blanket makes the difference when spending the night on the pull-out hospital sofa or recliner.

12.   Important Documents

Many women like to include the essential documents in their mom’s hospital bag, but it doesn’t hurt to ensure you have everything. Women tend to be in the moment and focused on labor; opt to be the go-to person with all of the needed paperwork. She needs one less thing to think about during childbirth.

Ensure you have a copy of your partner’s birth plan, which helps you stay on track with what she wants for the birth. Bring all insurance information and relevant paperwork. And make sure to store them in a document folder so they don’t get damaged or lost.

13.   Push Present for Mom

In recent years, a new trend is to bring a push present for mom. A push present is a gift that a partner gives the mom after a baby is born. Jewelry is the most common option, but the general trend is that it’s an extravagant gift. It might be something she likes and wants.


It’s easy to only focus on the hospital bag for mom and baby, but dads are a pinnacle part of the delivery process.

Make sure to have a hospital checklist for dad to avoid forgetting any of the necessary items you might need to have.

Don’t forget your phone charger, a pair of sweatpants, and some change for the vending machine!

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