Here’s To Being A Boy Mom

As a mother of boys, my heart is truly blessed,

With endless moments of love and happiness.

From their first words to their little feet,

Every moment with them is incredibly sweet.

They love to play and run around,

Their laughter and joy, the most beautiful sound.

From building sandcastles on the beach,

To exploring new places within easy reach.

Their Curious Minds, Always Asking Why

mother and son

They make me smile with every little try.

From dressing up in their favorite clothes,

To pretending to be superheroes fighting foes.

With every cuddle and every kiss,

My Heart Overflows With Happiness.

son hugging mom

Their gentle nature, so kind and true,

I’m grateful every day for all that they do.

Though it’s not always easy, being a mom of boys,

With mischief and mayhem, and lots of noise.

But as I watch them grow, I know I am blessed,

To be with them through every moment, every test.

For they are my life, my joy, my all,

And I’ll Always Be There, Standing Tall.

son hugging pregnant mom

As They Grow Into Men, Kind And Strong,

I’ll be there, their love forever long.

So, here’s to being a mom of boys,

Full of love, laughter, and endless joys.

For in their hearts, I’ll always be,

Their mom, their guide, their family.

This post was written by Allison Banfield from Proud Happy Mama.

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boy mom