20 Forgotten Baby Names Ready For A Comeback

Don’t want a baby name that echoes the latest trends and pop culture influences? Then maybe one of these forgotten baby names will inspire you with it’s vintage charm.

forgotten baby names

Forgotten Girl Names


Elara has a melodic sound and a strong mythological connection. It’s unique yet easy to pronounce, making it a distinctive choice for parents looking for something uncommon but not too obscure.


Verena has a timeless and elegant quality. It’s classic and dignified, with a meaning (“truth”) that resonates positively. Its rarity adds to its appeal for those seeking a name with historical depth.


This Greek mythology name is associated with beauty and strength. I think its a great choice for those looking a for name with mythological allure and a graceful sound that sets it apart from more common names.


Eulalia has a lyrical and poetic quality, similar to the very popular girl’s names Layla. It’s vintage yet feels fresh, with a meaning (“well-spoken”) that emphasizes eloquence and charm.


Delphine has a sophisticated and mysterious vibe, evoking images of the sea and wisdom. It’s stylish and carries a subtle nod to its Greek origins. I think it is is a nice alternative to Daphne, which is a baby name making it’s way up the charts thanks to the hit Netflix series Bridgerton.


This beautiful vintage girl name has a gorgeous floral and whimsical charm to it. It’s nostalgic yet resonates with nature-inspired trends in modern naming. I love that you can shorten it to Prim or Rose if you choose.


This exotic and evocative girl names is derived from the Greek god of the west wind. It’s powerful and unique, ideal for those who admire mythological and celestial themes.


Thora is strong and bold, with Scandinavian roots meaning “thunder.” It’s short, memorable, and carries a fierce yet feminine appeal.


Zelma has a vintage charm and a meaning (“helmet of God” or “protector”) that conveys strength and protection. It’s rare but still feels very familiar.


This classical and graceful names has ties to ancient Rome. It’s elegant and carries a sense of refinement and purity.


Bessie is a diminutive of the popular name Elizabeth. It means “pledged to God.” I think is a really cute alternative to the name Elizabeth especially with its gentle and timeless appeal.

Forgotten Boy Names


Chester is a name of Latin origin, meaning “fortress” or “walled town”. It has a sturdy and masculine vibe with a subtle nod to history and strength. It’s uncommon today, which adds to its appeal for parents seeking something distinctive yet familiar.


Floyd is of Welsh origin, meaning “gray-haired”. You might have heard of the name via the band Pink Floyd! I think it a distinctive option for parents looking for a name that’s both classic and unique.


I am ready for seeing a bunch of little Herbie’s running around! The name Herbert is of German origin, meaning “bright army”. It was popular in the early to mid-20th century and offers a strong, traditional option with a meaning that conveys strength and leadership.


Milton is of Old English origin, meaning “mill town”. I think it’s a strong name that is easy to say and spell.


Otis has a cool and quirky vibe. It’s short and memorable. It means Otis is of Greek origin, possibly meaning “keen hearing”.


Wilbur is of Old English origin, meaning “willful” or “bright”. I think it has a cheerful and upbeat sound to it. It was popular in the early 20th century and has a friendly, approachable quality. It’s a charming vintage name that’s ready to be rediscovered.


This Biblical boy name is of Hebrew origin, meaning “hewer” or “one who cuts down.” In the Bible, Gideon was a judge and military leader known for his bravery and faith. I think it could appeal to parents seeking a name that’s both meaningful and distinctive.


Leopold is of Germanic origin, meaning “brave people.” It has royal connotations in European history. It’s a classic name that’s fallen out of mainstream use, making it perfect for parents looking for a name with a noble and distinguished sound. Plus I love that it can be shorted to the more popular Leo!


Percival is of Old French origin, derived from the Old Welsh name Peredur, possibly meaning “pierce the valley”. In Arthurian legend, Sir Percival is one of the Knights of the Round Table known for his quest for the Holy Grail.

I think this name has a romantic and adventurous charm, thanks to its association with Arthurian tales. It’s uncommon today but carries a rich literary and mythological history that appeals to those seeking a unique and meaningful name.