Enfamil Sensitive Vs Gentlease

Are you trying to decide between Enfamil Sensitive Vs Gentlease?

Then let us help you decide which is best baby formula for you baby’s sensitive stomach with our Enfamil Sensitive vs Enfamil Gentlease review!

When a formula isn’t right, your child will let you know about it. And the wrong formula in a  sensitive stomach can make feeding time unpleasant for both parents and babies!

Finding the right formula is rarely an easy task, particularly if you’re struggling to understand tricky protein blends.

Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive and Gentlease are both infant formulas designed for delicate stomachs. But they use very different methods to achieve this goal.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the features, pros, cons, and differences between Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive and Gentlease, to help you find the right formula for you and your baby.

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emfamil sensitive vs enfamil gentlease

Enfamil Sensitive Vs Gentlease

Let’s start by looking at exactly what makes NeuroPro Sensitive and Gentlease formulas worth considering.

All About Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive

Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive is an easily digestible formula designed for infants with a lactose sensitivity. Part of the NeuroPro range, this close to breast milk formula is packed with brain-building nutrients.

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy that can be difficult for stomachs to digest. When a baby has a lactose sensitivity, this can result in fussiness, crying, and discomfort.

NeuroPro Sensitive is made with a base of milk protein isolate. This is milk that’s gone through a special process to remove the lactose, while keeping the nutrients intact!

Alongside whey protein-lipid concentrate, NeuroPro Sensitive is an easily digestible formula that’s packed full of good things.

To support brain development, NeuroPro Sensitive is loaded with Omega-3 DHA and naturally occurring MFGM components. And to build a healthy immune system, NeuroPro Sensitive contains 2’-FL HMO, vitamins C and E, and selenium.


  • Made using milk protein isolate, for lactose sensitive stomachs.
  • Made with easy to digest whey protein-lipid concentrate.
  • Contains Omega-3 DHA and MFGM, which support brain development. 
  • Contains immunity-building nutrients such as 2’-FL HMO, and vitamins C and E.
  • The number one pediatrician recommended brand.


  • Expensive.
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All About Enfamil Gentlease

Enfamil Gentlease has been created to provide a gentle feeding solution for babies with sensitive stomachs. The easily digestible proteins can ease crying, fussiness, and gas, and they get to work quickly.

Enfamil Gentlease is made using a protein base of partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate solids.

Hydrolyzation partly breaks the proteins down, so that when they reach the tummy, they’re easier to digest. Sensitive stomachs have less work to do, reducing discomfort and gas.

Gentlease still contains lactose, so it isn’t ideal for lactose sensitivity, but these fast-performing proteins are perfect for many delicate stomachs.

And you can see the results incredibly quickly. In less than a day after switching to Gentlease, fussiness, crying, and gas can be reduced.


  • Made using partially hydrolyzed proteins, which are easier for the stomach to break down.
  • Contains DHA, for healthy brain development.
  • Works quickly, potentially reducing fussiness and gas in just 24 hours.
  • An inexpensive solution for sensitive stomachs.
  • Available in NeuroPro and Enspire blends. 
  • The number one pediatrician recommended brand.


  • Contains lactose, so isn’t suitable for lactose sensitivities.
  • A complete feed, but lacks the complex nutrient blend of NeuroPro Sensitive.

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Similarities And Differences Between Enfamil Sensitive Vs Gentlease

Enfamil Sensitive and Gentlease contain one major similarity: they’re both designed for sensitive stomachs. In this section, we’ll look at these similarities and differences in a little more detail. 

Number One Pediatrician Recommended Brand

It’s easy to get caught up reading every single ingredient included in infant formula. This is where your child gets their nutrition, so you want to be sure you’re providing them with the best!

But when there are so many different options available, each claiming to be the best of the best, it’s hard to feel like you can ever make the right choice.

So, the first thing we want to do is reassure you that both Enfamil Sensitive and Gentlease are good choices for you and your baby.

Enfamil is a hugely popular brand, and comes highly recommended by healthcare professionals. In fact, it’s the number one pediatrician recommended brand! 

Enfamil formulas are packed with nutrients, providing your little one with the support they need in these early years.

For Lactose Sensitivity

Enfamil Sensitive and Gentlease are both designed to provide gentler digestion for sensitive stomachs. But how they do it is quite different. Let’s start by looking at Enfamil Sensitive.

Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive is made using milk protein isolate. This is essentially milk that has been treated to remove as much lactose as possible, while retaining the essential nutrients.

Lactose is tricky to digest, and some babies can be sensitive to the sugar.

NeuroPro Sensitive also contains whey protein-lipid concentrate. Whey is an easier to digest protein, typically found in high levels in breast milk.

By using a combination of whey protein-lipid concentrate and milk protein isolate, Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive is appealing for fussy tummies. If your little one has a lactose sensitivity, NeuroPro Sensitive will be gentler on their developing stomach.

For Delicate Tummies

Enfamil Gentlease is also designed for sensitive stomachs, but it uses a different protein base to aid digestion. 

Enfamil Gentlease is made using a mixture of partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate solids.

Partially hydrolyzed proteins have already been partly broken down. When they reach the stomach, there’s less for the body to do to break them down completely. This eases the digestion process.

As with Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive, Gentlease uses a mixture of milk and whey proteins, for an easier protein base. This also makes the formula more similar to breast milk, which contains higher levels of whey than other milks. 

The hydrolyzation process helps to break down proteins, but it doesn’t remove the lactose from milk.

So, if your little one has a lactose sensitivity, we recommend Enfamil Sensitive over NeuroPro. But for general fussiness and digestive issues, Gentlease is a delicate formula that can make feeding times easier.

Gentlease also gets to work quickly! If you’re switching from a formula that’s been causing tummy troubles, you should see the effects of Gentlease in just 24 hours.

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Brain Boosting

The Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive formula is part of the Enfamil NeuroPro range, which means it includes several ingredients added for healthy brain support. 

NeuroPro Sensitive contains Omega-3 DHA, which is expert-recommended for its brain-supporting capabilities. It also has MFGM, or Milk Fat Globule Membrane.

This is a naturally occurring membrane, found in the fat droplets of breast milk. Like Omega-3 DHA, MFGM has been shown to aid the development of the brain.

Enfamil Gentlease is formulated with a complete range of nutrients, including brain-nourishing nutrients such as choline and DHA. 

Immune Support

Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive contains a complex mixture of ingredients, designed to closely mimic breast milk. This includes prebiotics and nutrients that support the development of a healthy immune system.

One of these ingredients is 2’-FL human milk oligosaccharides (HMO). 2’-FL HMO is found in abundance in breast milk, and research has shown it helps to build a healthy immune response. 

Again, Enfamil Gentlease doesn’t have quite the same level of specialized ingredients. But it does still contain a complete blend of nutrients, to help your baby develop a healthy immune system.

As we mentioned, Enfamil Sensitive is part of the NeuroPro range, which is why it contains these brain- and immune system-nourishing ingredients. This is the only version of Enfamil Sensitive available. 

Gentlease is available in a few different options. Parents can choose between Gentlease, NeuroPro Gentlease, and Enspire Gentlease.

Both NeuroPro and Enspire Gentlease are formulated to be as close to breast milk as possible, while still providing easy digestion for sensitive tummies.


There is only a small price difference between Enfamil Sensitive and Gentlease, but it’s worth noting. Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive is typically a more expensive formula, with a few cents difference per oz.

It might not seem like much at first, but over the course of that first year, these cents can potentially add up.

Gentlease and NeuroPro are both available in bulk packs, which can net you a small saving.

However, we recommend giving each formula a try before investing in a bulk pack! You can never guess how a sensitive stomach can react, and even these gentle formulas might not be just right for your child.

Final Thoughts On Enfamil gentlease vs sensitive

Enfamil Gentlease vs Enfamil Sensitive are both infant formulas designed for easy digestion and sensitive stomachs.

However, they both incorporate proteins in different ways, and it’s these proteins that will help you choose the right formula for your child.

NeuroPro Sensitive uses milk protein isolates. With the lactose removed and the nutrients intact, this is perfect for babies with lactose sensitivity.

The complex blend of nutrients designed to nourish the brain make this a stand-out formula.

Enfamil Gentlease uses partially hydrolyzed proteins. This is a fast-acting solution for general fussiness, but it isn’t for babies with a lactose sensitivity.

Both NeuroPro Sensitive and Gentlease are excellent infant formulas for soothing uncomfortable stomachs! We hope this guide has helped you understand which formula is right for your family.

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enfamil sensitive vs gentlease