Does Baby Shampoo Expire?

Did you pick up your bottle of baby shampoo to wash your baby’s hair and wonder ‘does baby shampoo expire’?

Or maybe you found an old baby shampoo bottle you wanted to use?

With so many baby products it can be hard to keep track of what actually expires or goes bad, especially if you find an unopened packet or bottle stashed in your closet.

That’s why we put together this guide on baby shampoo shelf life, so we can answer all those burning questions you may have on the expiration date on baby shampoo.

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Does baby shampoo go bad

Does Baby Shampoo Expire?

In general, baby shampoo usually doesn’t have an expiration date from the manufacturer, though some brands will add one to the label as a precaution.

This is because it does not have a traditional expiration, but this does not mean that baby shampoo lasts forever and is safe to use on your baby after it has become very old.

The stabilizers in the baby shampoo do not last forever and it is recommended to replace the product every 3 years at the longest.

How Does Baby Shampoo Expire?

Most people won’t have baby shampoo long enough for it to go bad, but you never know what you will find in the back of a cabinet or closet while deep cleaning.

Odds are if your baby shampoo has expired from sitting in your closet for three or more years your child is much too old for baby shampoo but if you have a new baby, it is suggested that you do not use this expired baby shampoo on your baby.

This is because the stabilizers and preservatives have begun to break down.

This most often leads to a change in scent, color, or clarity of the baby shampoo. These changes can be detected by quickly examining the contents of the bottle.

Changes In Scent

Changes in the scent are an indicator that the chemicals have begun to break down and this can cause skin irritation.

This baby shampoo is usually fine for other uses but should not be used on those with sensitive skin.

Changes In Color

Color changes are an indication that the colorants in the baby shampoo have begun to break down.

These colorants are not vital to the function of the shampoo but can be an indicator that ingredients are no longer as stable as they were and could eventually break down and lead to skin irritation.

If the color of your baby shampoo is changed you should not use it on your baby.

Changes in Clarity

Clarity is a good sign of a major issue with your baby shampoo.

If a once clear baby shampoo is not cloudy odds are too much water got into the bottle. This can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold inside the bottle baby shampoo sits.

Not only should you not use this baby shampoo on your baby, but you should skip using it for other applications inside your home as well. This is to prevent the formation and spread of mold.

Uses For Expired Baby Shampoo

What Else Can You Use Expired Baby Shampoo For?

If you find that your baby shampoo is far too old to risk using on your baby or that your baby is now far too old to want to use baby shampoo you found there are other great ways you can use baby shampoo.

1. Makeup Remover

Adult skin is much less sensitive than a baby’s and you can use most expired baby shampoo just fine on an adult.

This makes a great makeup remover that is gentle on your skin while helping to pull the makeup out of your pores.

Tear-free versions are even made with a numbing solution that helps keep baby’s eyes from hurting. This can make baby shampoo a great eye makeup remover.

2. Makeup Brush Cleaner

Diluting baby shampoo with water can be used as a simple and effective makeup brush cleaner. This is much more affordable than expensive makeup brush cleaning solutions and just as effective.

3. Dog Wash

Baby shampoo that has expired but is still good can be used as a dog shampoo.

This is a great way to use up the baby shampoo and the conditioning properties of the shampoo will feel great on your dog’s skin.

4. Water-Based Paint Cleaner

Baby shampoo makes a great cleaner for cleaning up your child’s water-based paint projects.

Baby shampoo works like any other soap allowing you to get use of that old bottle for cleaning up projects around the house.

This will clean the paint brushes, skin, and even the paint on the floor.

5. Clothing Stain Remover

Your expired baby shampoo can get a new life in the laundry room. Use the baby shampoo as a rub in pretreatment.

The surfactants in baby shampoo are great for pulling dirt and grime out of your clothes.

Baby Shampoo Uses

6. Leather Cleaner

A microfiber cloth that is damp, not wet, with a small bit of water and baby shampoo makes a great leather cleaner.

Your old bottle of baby shampoo can be used to help make your old sofa shine.

The baby shampoo will clean away dirt and act as a mild conditioner to help bring back your sofas shine.

7. Shoe Cleaner

Your couch isn’t the only thing around your home that can benefit from a good scrubbing with baby shampoo.

Shoes and boots can get a new life when cleaned and shined with baby shampoo.

8. Unshrink A Sweater

If you have ever shrunken a sweater and looked for tricks to get it back to its original shape you have heard of this trip before.

Simply toss the sweater into a bucket of water with a few teaspoons of baby shampoo and let sit for half an hour.

Then you can lay the sweater out and stretch it back into place. For a mildly shrunken but not destroyed sweater, this will do the trick.

9. Metal Polish

You can mix baby shampoo and baking soda to make a polish from chroma and metal surfaces in your home. This is a great way to use old baby shampoo for shining your bathroom up.

How To Make Your Baby Shampoo Last Longer

To keep your baby shampoo from going bad there are a few things you can do.

Always store your baby shampoo in a cool dark place. Storing it in a sunny windowsill will lead to the breakdown of the contents faster. This is most often seen by the naked eye when the color of your baby shampoo disappears.

Always store your baby shampoo with the lid closed and away from your bath or shower.

When water gets into your soaps and shampoos left in the shower it can throw off the formula and allow bacteria and mold to grow inside the bottle.

Final Thoughts On How Long Does Baby Shampoo Last

Whilst some manufacturers put expiry dates on baby shampoos and others don’t, the fact remains that your baby shampoo won’t last forever and should be replaced regularly.

We hope this guide has been helpful in answering your questions on how long is baby shampoo good for and how often to change baby shampoo.

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Does Baby Shampoo Expire