Does Baby Oil Expire?

Ever find yourself deep cleaning around the house and find random baby items that got shoved in the back of closets or drawers and wonder if the item has gone bad or if you can still use it?

As busy parents, this can happen much more than people realize.

If you find an item like baby oil in the back of the linen closet you may be wondering, does baby oil expire or can baby oil go bad?

That’s why we put together this guide so you can easily tell if your baby oil has gone bad!

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Is Expired Baby Oil Safe

Does Baby Oil Expire?

Yes, baby oil can expire and often does in about 3 years time from manufacture. This means if you do not use your baby oil often you may discover that it has gone bad in the back of your cabinet and will not be safe to use on your baby.

Baby oil is made mostly of mineral oil that in its self doesn’t expire but the chemical fragrances and additives in baby oil that gives its signature scent and light texture do which can lead to the quality of the product diminishing.

Baby oil can expire from exposure to the environment as well. Storing your baby oil in direct sunlight can lead to the quality of the baby oil diminishing quickly as the heat and UV rays break down the stabilizers in your baby oil.

Baby oil can go bad from exposure to water as well. If you store your baby oil in a humid place like the bathroom, leave the cop open, or drop it into the sink or tub it is easy to find yourself with baby oil that has gone bad and can even be harboring bacteria that can lead to rashes, skin irritation, and even infections.

What Happens If Your Baby Oil Expires

How Do You Know Baby Oil Has Expired?

Firstly, you will want to check the expiration day embossed on the bottle or the bottom of the tube. This is the most obvious way to check if the baby oil has passed the manufacturers expire date.

However, if you cannot find the expiration date, here are some clear signs that your baby oil has expired:

Your baby oils scent has changed

As baby oil ages the chemical fragrances in it break down. This can lead to your baby oil fragrance changing. This can range from your baby oil having no scent at all to discovering that your baby oil no longer has any fragrance to it at all. This is usually the first sign that your baby oil is no longer fresh and a good indicator that you should avoid using the baby oil on skin to prevent issues with irritation.

Your baby oil is thin and runny

When the stabilizers in your baby oil break down the oil will become more watery in texture. This can be a good indicator that your oil has gone bad and should not be used on skin any longer.

Your baby oil has gelled over

In some brands of baby oil the stabilizers tend to gel up when they begin to break down. Not only is this a good sign your baby oil has expired, but the texture can also be rather unpleasant to feel when using.

The color changes in expired baby oil

If your baby oil was colored you will see a change in the color as the colorants and stabilizers break down. This is a good indication that your baby oil has expired and it is not safe to use on your baby any longer. Using baby oil with degrading colorants can lead to rashes and skin irritation.

Your baby oil is cloudy

Sometimes when the stabilizers and fragrances in baby oil begin to break down the once translucent oil becomes cloudy. This is a good indicator that your baby oil has expired and the quality has greatly diminished. If your baby oil turns cloudy it could also indicate that water has gotten into the oil from the surrounding environment. This water can provide the necessary environment for bacteria to grow which can harm your baby and even lead to illness if you continue to use contaminated baby oil.

How Do You Know Baby Oil Has Expired

What Happens If Your Baby Oil Expires?

Unlike natural oils, baby oil doesn’t go rancid but the chemical fragrances can break down and lead to irritation for your baby’s skin. The broken-down fragrance oils may also be unpleasant for breathing in for your young child. Expired baby oil should never be used on your baby though there are things you can do with expired baby oil instead of throwing it out.

Uses For Expired Baby Oil

Just because your baby oil has expired doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Here are some uses for expired baby oil for around your home:

Use in place of WD40 around the home

Baby oil is great for lubricating squeaking hinges, stuck zippers, and other odds and ends that need a bit of lubrication. These items you would usually grab a bottle of WD40 for can be a great use for old expired baby oil you can no longer use on your baby.

Cleaning Stickers Off Things

If you have ever wanted to save a gas jar or had to get stickers off the wall you know how hard it can be to get rid of the sticky glue that holds everything in place. Baby oil is a great tool for getting this glue off of your items. If the sticker is coated you will need to scrape lines into the sticker, ones without a coating can skip this step. Rub baby oil onto the sticker and let sit for 20 minutes. Scrub off the sticker now that the glue has been broken down. Follow up with some dish soap to remove the oil.

Polishing Bare Wood Floors

Bare wood floors need to be oiled to help keep them in good shape and looking their best. many people ups mineral oil, the main ingredient of baby oil, for polishing their bare wood floors. You can use expired baby oil to make your floors shine and protect them.

Polishing Stainless Steel

Most modern homes have stainless steel in the kitchen. Keeping this looking great can be a bit of a pain. You can use expired baby oil and a microfiber cloth to et a perfect even shine on your stainless steel.

Common FAQs About Expired Baby Oil

Is Expired Baby Oil Safe?

If you find a bottle of expired baby oil, you may be wondering if that expired baby oil is safe to use on your baby. And the answer is no. Baby oil doesn’t go rancid, but the chemical fragrances can break down and lead to irritation for your baby’s skin.

What Can You Do With Expired Baby Oil?

If you find a bottle of expired baby oil you don’t have to throw it away! From using it in place of WD40 to cleaning stickers off things to polishing stainless steel there are several handy things you can do with expired baby oil around your home.

Final Thoughts On How Long Does Baby Oil Last

Yes, baby oil can expire and should be replaced regularly, however if you’re baby oil has gone bad there are some other ways in which you can use it.

We hope this guide has been helpful in answering your questions on how long is baby oil good for and how often to change baby oil.

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Does Baby Oil Expire