Do Babies Need Mittens?

Are you wondering do baby need mittens? Are mittens for newborns essential?

Then let us answer your questions and more in this guide on why do babies wear mittens!

Buying baby clothes and other baby items to prepare for the new addition to your family is arguably one of the most exciting things about becoming a parent.

And whilst some items like cribs and onesies might seem obvious, what about the less obvious items like baby mittens?

Do you have to buy some mittens for your baby? Or can you take this item off of your baby registry?

If you want to know more about whether your baby will need mittens, we’ve got you covered.

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Are There Many Benefits To Using Baby Mittens?

While mittens aren’t a requirement, they will prove to have many benefits in various situations. As they begin to learn how to move their body, your baby may begin to make restless, jerky movements with their hands toward their face.

These unintentionally rough motions might result in cuts and wounds to the surface of your baby’s skin.

By wearing mittens while exploring the world and taking in the many sights and sounds, your child will be able to avoid lots of unneeded touches.

You’ll also likely feel far more comfortable knowing that your child is protected against this type of injury. 

Here are some other benefits of keeping mittens on hand for your baby:

1. Keeps Their Hands Clean

Babies are very curious about the world around them. You will often be able to find them grabbing at a random object and also placing their hands into their mouths.

In this instance, it would probably be in your best interest to use a pair of mittens that will help to keep their hands as clean as possible. This will also prevent them from becoming sick.

2. Prevents Thumb Sucking

On a similar note, mittens will also help to prevent thumb sucking which is extremely common in small children.

The fabric that mittens are typically made from is very uncomfortable to chew on, which means that they might be an effective way of preventing your infant from sucking on their thumb and biting their hands.

3. Keeps Them Warm

Like wearing socks, mittens are also a great product that keeps your baby’s hands feeling soft and warm, especially during the cold winter months when their skin may begin to crack. A pair of mittens will keep their fingers warm which will generally help to make them feel far more relaxed. 

4. Prevents Scratching

The ultimate aim for a pair of mittens is to prevent babies from being able to scratch themselves. From the second they are born, babies aren’t in control of their movements and tend to flail their arms around in every direction.

This means that at some point, they will undoubtedly scratch at their face.

This behavior isn’t too severe and can be easily stopped if they start to get a bit carried away with scratching. But at other times your baby’s nails may scratch at more sensitive areas such as their eyes.

They might also inflict unwanted scratches and cuts on their face. This is where covering their hands with a pair of mittens comes in very handy.

5. Protects Your Baby’s Nails

We’d always recommend staying on top of your baby’s general health. This includes cutting or filing their nails. But if you find yourself short on time, or you have simply forgotten, there’s no need to panic!

You might want to purchase a pair of mittens as a temporary solution for your baby if you haven’t managed to (or have forgotten to) cut their nails and you are panicking about whether they could potentially hurt themselves in the meantime. 

If you don’t want to cut their nails while they are asleep and risk waking them up, then opt to cut their nails at a time of day when they are outwardly much calmer. You could even use a small nail file to keep their nails short if that’s easier.

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Choosing Mittens For Your Baby 

Selecting the best mittens for your baby is just like purchasing any other piece of clothing. There are various colors and designs to choose from which means you can pick your favorite mittens to match to the outfit your baby is wearing.

They’re also quite affordable which is a real advantage. It is always a good idea to keep extra pairs on hand in case you lose one or just want to have a spare pair on you as there’s a good chance they’ll get stained while your baby is wearing them. 

When you decide on a pair of quality, comfortable hand mittens for your baby, you’ll be more relaxed knowing they’re not injuring their face or feeling the cold if it’s a little chilly outside.

You’ll also like that your little one is safe, whether you’re out and about on a play date or relaxing at home. 

Opt for colors including shades of gray, brown, and all shades of white if you want to keep things a little more neutral. Or, you can choose from classic patterns including stripes and dots, or cute animal designs.

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So, Does Your Baby Need Mittens?

While your baby doesn’t necessarily need mittens, they will prove to be very useful on some occasions. However, there are several instances where they are not needed. We will discuss these below.

Yes, They Do

Parents will notice that their newborn babies’ hands are blueish and cold to the touch when they are born. Some babies will also have long and very sharp nails that are easily able to scratch their skin as they move about.

Thankfully, none of these points are a cause for concern and are completely normal!

Mittens are a great way to solve these issues as they protect your little one’s hands from abrasions and scratches during the day or even when they are asleep.

No, They Don’t

On the other hand, now that we’ve established the need for mittens, there are cases where they are not needed. 

For instance, you won’t need mittens if you have wrapped your baby in a swaddle because they are already warm, snug, and protected from the cold and from inflicting injuries onto their skin.

You also won’t necessarily need mittens if you are vigilant about trimming their nails as they won’t be able to cut themselves at all.

Babies are also very susceptible to extreme heat, and being too hot is far more dangerous than being too cold.

As a result, mittens and socks are sometimes viewed as being quite harmful to babies. So make sure you are only using mittens in cases where they are truly needed.

Final Thoughts on Do Newborns Need Mittens

Keeping some mittens on hand for your baby is a very wise decision, even if they are never used.

Mittens will keep their hands warm in cold temperatures, and will also prevent them from being able to scratch at their face and body if you forget to trim their nails.

But you should only use mittens if your baby is not wrapped up in a swaddle and is not already exposed to extreme heat. There could be serious consequences if they are overheated, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

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