Desitin Vs Aquaphor

Wondering which diaper rash cream is better, Desitin vs Aquaphor?

Then let us help you decide what is better Desitin or Aquaphor for your baby.

Diaper rash is one of the main issues plaguing newborns and babies. 

It’s an extremely common form of inflamed skin that appears around your baby’s bottom. It’s easily noticeable as it is a bright red patchwork rash.

The reason why diaper rash occurs can depend on many things. It could be infrequent nappy changes which have left your baby’s bottom wet for too long, perhaps they have very sensitive skin, or they are suffering from chafing due to their diapers. 

Luckily, treating diapers rash is very easy as there are lots of creams you can try out to combat it. Two of the most popular diaper rash creams are Aquaphor and Desitin.

These two brands of cream often find their way to the changing table, but which one is best for your baby?

Here we are going to take a look at Desitin and Aquaphor before comparing these two diaper rash creams together to see which one is the best choice for you and your baby.

So, if you want to find out which of these creams we would recommend, Aquaphor vs Desitin, then check out our comparisons below! 

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Which Is Our Favorite: Desitin vs Boudreaux

If you’re in a hurry, let us tell you our favorite – Desitin.

Why do we prefer Desitin vs Aquaphor for diaper rash?

Although both creams work as great deterrents, from our experience Desitin contains zinc oxide and is less greasy making it better designed to specifically treat and relieve diaper rash.

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All About Desitin Diaper Rash Cream

Desitin Diaper Rash Cream is a lot of people’s first choice when it comes to finding a diaper rash cream for their baby. 

It’s perfect for the tender skins of newborns and babies as it moisturizes and forms a protective layer over the skin. Because of this, Desitin reduces redness and irritation, warding off any rashes or patches of dry skin that develop into diaper rash. 

The barrier formed by Desitin is also great for sealing out wetness caused by an unchanged diaper so if you are caught without a spare diaper, your baby’s bottom should stay protected until you are able to change them.

So – let’s take a closer look at all the positives (and negatives) about Desitin! 

Ease Of Use

Desitin comes in a range of options for convenience and use.

There is a two ounce tube and a four ounce tube option so you can easily take some with you when traveling with your baby, plus you can purchase a huge 16 ounce tub to keep at home to save on constantly purchasing tubes. 

It is a very thick cream which makes it easy to apply and provide instant relief for your babies, and it’s also very durable because just a bit of Desitin can go a long way. 

However, it does cling to the skin which is great when it’s on your baby’s bottom but not so great when it’s on your hands.

It’s pretty messy and smelly, but easily applicable to your baby’s bottom so this makes the whole process quick and easy for your baby. 

This is great if your baby is a squirmer and hates changing time – just glide it on with ease and changing time will be over in seconds, but you might want to spend some time washing your hands afterwards.

Ingredients And Effect

Desitin does just what it says it does on the tin – it treats diaper rash wonderfully. It’s thick and strong and quickly works against diaper rash, soothing skin and relieving irritation very quickly.

Plus, it also works as a great deterrent. Just apply to keep those diaper rashes away as your baby grows. 

The secret behind Desitin’s anti-inflammatory properties is its active ingredient of zinc oxide.

This is what is used to help treat rashes and chafing, and is an active ingredient in many kinds of other creams used to help treat similar ailments. It’s also great for wind burns, making it a great choice for soothing dry and chapped skin. 


Desitin is very easy to find in all kinds of stores and pharmacies, and even can be purchased online at websites like 

However, because it can be found in all kinds of places, that means that the price of Desitin varies.

The price of the 16 ounce tub varies between $13-$16 but is often included in sales and deals that can help you save money – but these deals are changing often and it can be difficult to pinpoint a most affordable place to buy.

This means that you have to shop around to find the right price and keep an eye in case a better deal appears elsewhere. 

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All About Aquaphor Healing Ointment 

This cream is not designed specifically for diaper rashes but it contains a lot of features that can help moisturize skin and encourage healing.

This is why a lot of parents opt to use Aquaphor as it is most likely something they already have at home and are familiar with its effects. 

Aquaphor is used as a healing ointment which means that while it can help relieve diaper rashes, it can also be used for other ailments like scrapes and burns.

Many parents keep it as an overall ointment to help with anything their baby may suffer from – diaper rash included. It’s something the whole family can use and it is an ointment you are sure to keep using long after your baby has outgrown diapers. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Aquaphor and it’s benefits! 

Ease Of Use 

Aquaphor has a lot of options available when it comes to size. It is available in a 0.25 ounce mini jar, a 0.35 ounce tube, and a 1.75 ounce tube.

These options are great for on the go use so you can take your baby anywhere knowing that you can carry some diaper cream with ease.

For home use, there are still more options available. There is a 3.5 ounce jar, 7 ounce tube, and a 14 ounce jar so you can stock up and use Aquaphor for any ailment. 

Aquaphor is also a very thick cream that is very easy to apply, although it does leave your hands very grease afterwards and leaves a sticky residue.

However, due to its thickness, a little goes a long way so you only have to apply a little amount to your baby’s bottom to protect it from chafing and rashes. It’s also fragrance free which is great for use for babies and toddlers who may be fussy regarding the smell. 

Ingredients And Effect

Unfortunately, Aquaphor is not designed to specifically work on diaper rash, although it is still pretty effective and contains useful ingredients like Glycerin and Panthenol It works very similarly to Vaseline – it soothes and creates a barrier but is very basic.

There’s nothing specific that will specifically combat diaper rash but it is still effective against all kinds of irritations and dryness. 

It is better used for forming protective barriers than it is as a form of treatment. You can use it ahead of time as a deterrent against nappy rash but it only has minor effects when used as treatment.

However, Aquaphor is very versatile as it can be used to help soothe and heal cuts, scrapes, burns and other rashes caused by drool and wind. 


Aquaphor is a beloved healing ointment that is easily found in many homes across the States, so a lot of stores and online retailers make sure they have plenty in stock. However, this wide availability also means that Aquaphor also varies in price from store to store. 

For example, the 14 ounce tub is currently available at Walmart for $15, yet available at for $13. This price is always open to change and could be reduced in certain deals and sales – so you have to keep on top of prices to find the most affordable price. 

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Desitin Vs Aquaphor 

Clearly, Desitin and Aquaphor have a lot of similarities and differences. 

Both are similar in price and work as great barriers against issues like chafing and wetness that can damage your baby’s skin. This makes them both great for deterring diaper rash, but they work differently as treatments. 

While Aquaphor is versatile and designed to be used as an ointment for lots of different ailments, Desitin specifically contains ingredients like zinc oxide that is effective against diaper rash and why it works much better as a form of treatment than Aquaphor does. 

However, there are many other benefits that Aquaphor has over Desitin.

It has more options available when it comes to sizes, it’s fragrance free, and its versatility means it can help with other issues babies may face like rashes from drooling and little scrapes they are sure to have when they are crawling around.

Desitin, on the other hand, does feature a strong smell but is less greasy than Aquaphor, making it easier to use. 

Final Thoughts on Aquaphor vs Desitin

So, which cream is better for your baby’s diaper rash – Desitin or Aquaphor?

We have to choose Desitin when it comes to specifically trying to treat diaper rash.

Although both creams work as great deterrents, Desitin is better designed to specifically treat and relieve diaper rash while Aquaphor is an overall good cream to be used on lots of different ailments.

This means that it is less effective against diaper rash whereas Desitin was designed to specifically tackle this pesky issue.

It’s still handy to keep a tub of Aquaphor in your home but for something more effective against diaper rash, we would recommend that you use Desitin!

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