Dear Mama, Thank You For Blessing My Kids With Hand-Me-Downs

I didn’t quite know at the time just how grateful I would be when my friend handed me a huge box of old baby clothes.

But I do now.

At the time, I remember sitting on the floor, belly between my legs, looking through these tiny adorable little clothes excited for my little baby to come along.

Longing for them to arrive.

I sorted through the pile and picked out the tiny new baby outfits to wash and fold, and then lovingly put them away ready for them to be worn.

I then placed the rest back into the box in the cupboard ready for a time when they would one day fit.

What I didn’t realize was just how quickly it would be before I was reaching back into that cupboard looking for that box of hand-me-down clothes.

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I Had Been Warned At Just How Quickly My Precious Little Baby Would Grow.

Baby Clothes | Dear Mama, Thank You For Giving My Kids Their Hand-Me-Downs

But in my pregnancy fueled shopping frenzies I had been lulled into thinking they would be little for so much longer than what they actually were.

I really wasn’t prepared to go up in sizes so quickly.

I still had dozens of outfits that had yet to be worn. And very few of the next size up.

The truth was, clothes or not, I wasn’t ready for my baby to grow up so quickly.

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As I Started To Box Away Those Perfect Little First Outfits, It Hit Me Just How Fast Time Was Passing Us By.

Baby Clothes

How fast my little baby had grown.

And it hit me just how much sentiment was tied up in all those little outfits.

The first outfit they ever wore.

Their coming home outfit.

The matching onesies we all wore for their first Christmas.

That adorable outfit they wore on their first birthday.

And all my favorite go-to outfits that were worn day after day, stains and all.

I realized that the box I filled wasn’t just a box of baby clothes. It was a box of precious memories.

And then it hit me. It hit me just how much that box of hand-me-downs from my friend actually meant.

It wasn’t just a mama decluttering, even though there are only so many clothes you can make room for.

It wasn’t just my friend wanting to save me a few dollars, even though it saved me so much more money than that.

Getting That Box Of Hand-Me-Downs, Was That Mama, My Friend, Giving Me A Big, Genuine Hug.

friends hugging

It was her sharing in the joy of watching your baby grow up into this incredible little person.

It was her welcoming me into motherhood.

And the best part is that now it was my turn.

My turn to give another mama a big genuine hug.

To pass on all those treasured memories knowing how much of a blessing it truly is.

So to all the mamas who have passed their hand-me-downs on to another mama, whether it was to a new mama, a mama in need, or just a mama you wanted to bless -thank you.

Hand Me Down Clothes | Dear Mama, Thank You For Giving My Kids Their Hand-Me-Downs