Bugaboo Fox Vs Fox 2

Trying to figure out what the difference is between Bugaboo Fox vs Fox 2? Then let us walk you through the differences!

When it comes to the Bugaboo Fox and Fox 2 stroller models there are some key similarities and differences.

The Bugaboo Fox is the original Fox stroller. The Fox 2 is a newer model.

Both are lightweight and foldable strollers that come with a variety of accessories. They also both feature a unique suspension system that allows them to adapt to the terrain.

Both strollers are great choices for parents who want their baby to enjoy outdoor activities.

However, they differ in terms of features and price.

So, which Bugaboo stroller is better? The Fox or the Fox 2?

Read our comparison on Bugaboo Fox 1 vs 2 to see which one is better for you.

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Bugaboo Fox vs Fox 2

Before we dive into our Bugaboo Fox 1 and Fox 2 review, it is important to note that both strollers have now been surpassed by the newer Bugaboo Fox 3. So if you’re looking to purchase a new Bugaboo Fox series stroller, we recommend purchasing a Bugaboo Fox 3.

However, if you are looking to buy a second hand Bugaboo Fox 1 or Fox 2, then we are still here to help!

So, let’s take look at the key similarities and differences between the Bugaboo Fox vs Fox 2!

Similarities between Fox 1 and Fox 2

Whilst some improvements were made with the new model, both strollers share some excellent features.

Both the Bugaboo Fox and the Fox 2 can fold down with or without the seat attached which gives parents more flexibility and saves time when you get back to the car.

They can also both stand up when the stroller is folded, so you can easily lift it in and out of the car. The strollers are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver whilst still giving you the peace of mind of a sturdy stroller.

Both strollers have all wheel suspension which means that they can adapt to different terrains and maintain a smooth and comfortable ride on uneven surfaces. This means that your little one can take uninterrupted naps even if the path is bumpy.

The front wheels are 8.5 inches and the rear wheels are 12 inches. All of the wheels are puncture proof so you can feel safe going off road and exploring nature with your stroller.

Both models have large storage baskets which makes it easier for you to carry around all of the essential items you need for your child.

The handlebars are adjustable with one of the best ranges you will find on the market- 34.6 inches to 42.2 inches. It is one of the only strollers that can accommodate both tall and short parents.

Both strollers use soft yet durable fabrics for comfort and longevity. The material on the seat is padded to offer more support.

You can remove the fabrics and put them in the washing machine so it is easy to keep the stroller clean. The leather look grips, plastic, metal or non-removable parts can all be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Both the Bugaboo Fox and the Fox 2 come with a rain cover to protect your child from adverse weather.

They also come with wheel caps to help the wheels last longer whilst making the stroller look more stylish. You will also receive covers for the handlebar and bumper bar as standard.

We can’t forget the incredible high performance mattress. It has breathable mesh which helps your baby to regulate their body temperature. This means they will sleep more soundly.

The car seat adapters, canopies and fabrics for the Fox and the Fox 2 are interchangeable. This is great for parents who want to upgrade strollers but still make sure of their older items.

Or, you can upgrade your fabrics and get a new canopy without needing to buy a whole new stroller! It is important to note that the snack tray add-on is not interchangeable as the Fox 2 has its own snack tray.

Additional Items

A lot of the additional items for the Bugaboo Fox and the Fox 2 are interchangeable, apart from the snack tray as mentioned above.

Bugaboo footmuff is ideal for keeping your child nice and warm on colder days. The outside fabric is water repellent but the inside fabric is nice and soft. It is also breathable, so it can retain heat without retaining moisture.

The newborn inlay is also a great additional product. It makes the stroller even more comfortable for newborn babies, as well as assisting with temperature regulation.

Price Difference

The Bugaboo Fox 2 is the newer model. This would often mean that it would be more expensive, but the price of the stroller is still very similar to the original Bugaboo Fox.

However, the original model is more likely to go into sale or have temporary price reductions now that there is a newer model available.

The color of the frame can affect the price of both models, with the black frames costing around 100 dollars more than the aluminum frames.

Folding The Stroller

The original Bugaboo Fox had a folding trigger that was located underneath the stroller frame. The feedback that Bugaboo had from parents was that it was tricky to find and use this trigger.

For the Fox 2, they have updated the model by moving the trigger to the front of the frame. This makes it more visible, easier to find, and more convenient to use.

Both stroller models can fold down with the seat attached, and can remain free-standing whilst in a folded position. This means it is easy to lift the folded stroller in and out of the car without having to bend all the way to the floor.

Color And Design

One of the benefits of choosing the Bugaboo Fox 2 over the original model is that you get more choice and customization when it comes to color.

The frame comes in either aluminum or black, with gray melange or black style set colors. For the canopy, you can choose from black, gray melange, fresh white, or soft pink. However, for the Fox 2 they introduced two new colors- vapor blue and red.

You can choose your own composition of frame and canopy colors, or you can choose from one of the pre-boxed sets for the Bugaboo Fox 2.

There are four choices- gray melange canopy and style set with an aluminum frame, black canopy and style set with a black frame, vapor blue canopy with a black style set and a black frame or fresh white canopy with a black style set and a black frame.

For the Bugaboo Fox 2, there is also a new selection of ‘refined collection’ colors. These are a taupe canopy and style set with a black frame, or a washed black canopy and style set with a black frame.

The Canopy

The canopy on the Bugaboo Fox was not ventilated. There was an option to purchase a separate additional product called a Breezy Canopy if you wanted ventilation.

On the Fox 2, the canopy has two ventilation panels to help keep your child cool on warmer days.

The first is a mesh panel at the back of the canopy and the second is a peek-a-boo window with ventilation. This means that your child can enjoy the breeze even from their stroller.

The Bassinet

The seat frame for the bassinet and the toddler seat is the same on the Bugaboo Fox and the Fox 2.

On both strollers you can easily switch between seats and the fabrics that go with them. However, some improvements have been made for the Fox 2.

The bassinet on the Fox 2 has integrated side pockets. This means that you have easy access to small personal items like your phone or your keys, which can be very handy.

It also has an improved carry handle which rotates, making your life as a parent much easier.

The Toddler Seat

The toddler seat on the Bugaboo Fox and the Fox 2 are very similar. They have a weight capacity of 48.5 pounds. It is 14 inches wide and 10.2 inches deep which provides plenty of room for children up to the age of three.

The toddler seat is reversible so you can choose whether your child is world facing or parent facing.

There are three reclining options so your child can be comfortable at all times and it is easy for them to nap on the go.

The great thing about the seat design is that it is a bucket seat, so the whole seat reclines as opposed to just the back rest.

Seat Positions

Both the Bugaboo Fox and the Fox 2 offer a range of seat positions to ensure that your child is comfortable. However, the Fox 2 had some adjustments made so that the recline level of the seat was easier to use.

Both models are compatible with the same car seats, so if you already have a Bugaboo Fox and want to upgrade to the Fox 2 then you won’t need to buy new adapters.

Whilst we are talking about the seat it is worth mentioning the belly bar. The belly bar on the Fox 2 was upgraded so that it can rotate, which makes it much easier to get your child in and out of the stroller.

Final Thoughts on Bugaboo Fox 1 vs Fox 2

Both the Bugaboo Fox and the Fox 2 are great quality strollers, however both have now been surpassed by the newer Bugaboo Fox 3.

However, if you are looking to buy a second hand Bugaboo Fox 1 or Fox 2, then there have been a few improvements made to the Bugaboo Fox 2 which makes it easier to use, more convenient and overall a better choice than the Fox 1.

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Our Top Pick
Bugaboo Fox 3

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is one of the most comfortable, all-terrain strollers out there!

This lightweight stroller features durable all-terrain wheels and advanced suspension making for easy maneuverability.

As well as a high-performance mattress with an advanced 3D mesh, breezy bassinet.

And as you'd expect from a luxury stroller it effortlessly collapses into one piece and has a self-standing option, so it's easy to move and store.

As a plus, being part of the Bugaboo range there are also a ton of additional accessories that you can choose from.

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