Bugaboo Butterfly Vs Donkey

Trying to figure out what the difference is between Bugaboo Butterfly vs Donkey?

Then let us help you decide which stroller will be best for you and your baby: Bugaboo Butterfly vs Donkey 5.

One of the first things every first time parent needs is a good stroller.

As your baby grows up, you may want to take them for trips outside of the house, but not want to carry them everywhere you go.

A stroller allows you to escape your home and take your little one with you in a safe, controlled manner that lets them drop off for a nap when they want to. 

And no doubt if you’ve been looking at strollers you’ve come across the brand Bugaboo.

Bugaboo is a Dutch company that was founded back in 1996.

Ever since their first stroller, this company has been an industry leader in the manufacture of high quality strollers and baby products.

Today we will be looking at one of their smallest models, the Bugaboo Butterfly, and comparing it to one of their largest models, the Bugaboo Donkey 5. 

In this article we go into a detailed comparison of the two strollers, focusing on functionality, versatility, durability, and cost, and decide how the two match up. If you are in the market for a new stroller, then read on!

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Bugaboo Butterfly Vs Donkey

Let’s dive in and look at the key differences between the Bugaboo Donkey vs Bugaboo Butterfly!

All About Bugaboo Butterfly

The Bugaboo butterfly is a compact travel stroller built for exploration and adventure. Its unique selling point is its ability to fold up to the size of a small suitcase that can fit in most airplane overhead storage compartments.

Folding this stroller is so easy that you can do it with only one hand, and there is even a handy shoulder strap to make it even more portable. 

As a travel stroller, the Butterfly is built to traverse city landscapes, but it can still perform well on dirt tracks or loose gravel.

This is all thanks to the spring-loaded suspension on the wheels that helps to absorb impacts to provide a smooth ride for your baby.

The seat has a multi-position, adjustable recline function that allows you to lean it back so your toddler can take a nap no matter where you are. 

Sadly, the Butterfly cannot be equipped with the bassinet that comes with other Bugaboo strollers.

This is due to it being designed for air travel, where a bassinet may just tip it into your hold luggage.

What it does come with is an extendable canopy that is perfect for shielding your toddler from both rain and intense sunlight. 

The seat is very comfortable and ergonomic as well, with an adjustable back and footrest. One thing that is missing is the bumper bar, which means your toddler may slouch back in the seat.

However, if you are looking for a compact stroller that you can take on holiday with you, then the Bugaboo Butterfly is just what you have been looking for. 


  • IATA compatible. 
  • Can be folded away and unfolded with one hand. 
  • Extendable canopy with breeze window. 
  • Reliable shock absorbers on each wheel. 
  • Adjustable foot and backrests. 
  • Large under seat storage basket. 


  • Doesn’t come with a bumper bar at the front of the seat. 
  • No option to attach a bassinet. 
  • Limited selection of fabric colors. 

You can learn more about the Butterfly in our in-depth Bugaboo Butterfly review.

All About Bugaboo Donkey 5

Unlike the Butterfly, there is no way on earth that you are fitting the Bugaboo Donkey 5 onto an airplane.

This is one of the largest strollers that the company has to offer, and it is available in three different configurations, Mono, Duo and Twin.

The Mono version only comes with one seat and an extra storage basket, while the Duo and Twin models come with the option to have two seats, two bassinets or one of each.  

As you can see, this is a giant stroller built for carrying two children at the same time, whether they are twins or just siblings of a similar age.

If you don’t need to transport two children, then you can always get the Mono version and get a shopping cart and stroller all rolled into one.

Whichever version you choose, your children are guaranteed a luxurious ride in this comfortable stroller. 

Just like the butterfly, there are shock absorbers on all of the wheels that allow this stroller to travel over bumpy ground with no problem at all.

However, unlike the compact travel stroller the Donkey 5 doesn’t fold, and will need to be disassembled if you want to fit in the boot of your car.

Despite its large size, this stroller is surprisingly maneuverable and easy to push thanks to the quality of the wheels and frame. 

The largest version is only 29in wide, which is big, but still slim enough to fit through the doorways on more modern buildings.

You may struggle with the more narrow spaces found on older buildings. Overall, if your family is starting to get bigger, and you need to transport two babies rather than just one, the Donkey 5 is the perfect stroller for you. 


  • Available in three different configurations. 
  • Narrow enough to fit through most doorways. 
  • Excellent suspension. 
  • Capacious under seat storage.
  • Seats can be arranged facing the same way or in opposite directions. 
  • Sturdy and durable. 


  • Large and Cumbersome. 
  • Doesn’t easily fit in the boot of a car. 
  • Carry cot may be too big for some.

You can learn more about the Donkey 5 in our Bugaboo Donkey review.

Similarities And Differences Between Bugaboo Donkey Vs Butterfly

Although both of these strollers are made by the same company, they are built to serve very different functions.

In this section, we will provide a more in-depth comparison between the two strollers, so you can see which one will work better for your family. 

Maneuverability & Size

The Bugaboo Butterfly is built to fit into the overhead storage bin on an airplane, so naturally it sports a very streamlined design.

This is a stroller that you can take with you practically anywhere, except through deep mud or exceptionally rough terrain.

To cut back on size and weight, the Butterfly doesn’t have a bumper bar or the option to attach a bassinet, which makes it incredibly maneuverable. 

On the other hand, the Bugaboo Donkey 5 is at the opposite end of the spectrum. This stroller is both very heavy and as wide, two Butterflies placed side by side.

The reason for this is because it is built to hold two strollers or bassinets at once. As such, it will struggle with navigating tight spaces such as doorways or corridors.

However, both models have a great suspension system that can soak up most bumps and impacts. This makes them easy to push, and you can even do so with one hand if you need to. 


For a stroller of its size, it should come as no surprise that the Donkey 5 is the more comfortable of the two strollers.

Both the seats and bassinets that you can fit to the frame are extremely well padded with ventilation ports to stop your child overheating.

You can arrange your seats, or bassinets in any way you want, so your children can look at each other, or both face the same direction.

The seats come with bumper bars that will stop your child from slouching, and help them to sit up and admire their surroundings. 

Meanwhile, its minimalist design means that the Butterfly is slightly less luxurious. However, the seat is still very comfortable, and the extendable canopy will do a great job of sheltering your child from the elements.

The multi-position recline and foot rest allows you to pull the seat back, so your child can take a quick nap while you roll them around. 

Portability & Weight

The Butterfly is the obvious winner in the category, since it can be folded and unfolded in one swift motion with only one hand.

It even has a shoulder strap that will make it easier to carry through airport customs.

When fully folded, this stroller is designed to fit into the overhead storage bins on most airplanes, which means you won’t need to check it into the hold where it could be damaged. 

Meanwhile, the Donkey 5 isn’t portable at all, and you will struggle to even fit it into the boot of a car without being fully disassembled.

It is also very heavy, and will be difficult to lift over curbs or push up ramps.

However, this is all to be expected from a double stroller, and the Donkey five is still more efficient than carrying one of your children while you push the other. 


Both of these strollers use five point harnesses that can be unclipped very quickly and easily. There are sturdy brakes on all of the wheels so that the stroller won’t start moving unless you want it to. 

However, the inability to attach a Bassinet to the Butterfly will make it unsafe for newborns under 4 months old.

This is because newborn babies can’t sit in an upright seat, as their necks aren’t strong enough to support the weight of their heads.

As such, if you are looking for a product for a newborn baby, then the Donkey Mono with a bassinet will be much safer. 


The Butterfly is much cheaper than the Donkey 5 because it is much smaller, lacks many of the additional features and isn’t as customizable.

That said, if you have two siblings of a similar age or twins, then it is worth paying the extra for the Donkey 5.

If you like the idea of having a lot of storage, the Donkey 5 Mono is also a worthwhile investment. 

Final Thoughts On Bugaboo Butterfly Vs Donkey 5

Both of these strollers are high quality products, and which one you buy will come down to what you are looking for.

If you need something to take on holiday, then the Bugaboo Butterfly is the obvious choice for you.

However, if instead you need a stroller that has more space to grow with your family, or two seats for two children, then the Bugaboo Donkey 5 is the best stroller for you.

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Bugaboo Butterfly vs Donkey 5