Bugaboo Bee 6 Review

Trying to figure out if the Bugaboo Bee 6 is the right stroller for you and your baby?

Then let us help you decide with our in-depth Bugaboo Bee 6 review.

Looking for a stroller that will tackle city streets with a lightweight ease? The Bugaboo Bee 6 might be instantly eye-catching on gray sidewalks, but is this a case of style over performance? And is the Bugaboo Bee 6 a worthy upgrade to the Bee 5?

City sidewalks can present some surprisingly tough challenges for the stroller. Not only are there the inevitable potholes and cracks, there are the curbs and crowds, the puddles and leaf build up. And once you’ve made it past those, you still have to deal with stores and transport!

The Bee 6 is a Bugaboo stroller designed specifically for city living, with a compact build that prioritizes comfort. But how does it actually perform? Let’s see what the buzz is all about.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the features and functions of the Donkey stroller so you can easily decide if this is the right stroller for you and your family.

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Bugaboo Bee 6 Overview

The Bugaboo Bee 6 is a stroller designed for life in the city. The compact build with big wheels is intended to make exploring city streets easier, without sacrificing comfort to reduce size.

We’ll begin by taking a look at the specifications. The Bee 6 weighs 20.8 lbs, and has a seat weight capacity of 50 lbs (world-facing).

The standard Bee 6 can be used from roughly 6 months to 4 years, although the additional bassinet extends the age range to newborn. In the one-piece self-standing fold, the Bee 6 has a size of 35.43×18.5×14.17 inches.

The Bee range has proved to be a consistently popular model from Bugaboo. So, what can the Bee 6 do?

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  • Can be folded away with one hand. 
  • Available in a range of different colors. 
  • Super lightweight yet durable. 
  • Can be purchased with a bassinet. 
  • Highly maneuverable. 
  • Puncture proof 7in wheels. 


  • The seat isn’t as plush as other Bugaboo models. 
  • Difficult to assemble 
  • Expensive for a stroller of its size. 

What We Like About The Bugaboo Bee 6

The Bee 5 was an incredibly popular stroller, and the 6 has been designed to take things up a level.

There is a lot to like about this stroller, particularly if you live in the city. So, what are the features of the Bugaboo Bee 6 that really stand out?

Big Wheels And Improved Suspension

Bigger than average and puncture-proof wheels are one of the most important features of the Bugaboo Bee 6, and a real improvement on the Bee 5.

The large wheels are able to navigate across cracked sidewalks, damp puddles, and smooth grocery store floors. We love that they’re puncture-proof. No more ruined naps because of a sudden flat!

The Bee 6 has advanced four-wheel suspension, absorbing shock and providing a comfortable journey for both parents and babies. Overall, the wheels and suspension create a ride perfectly designed to tackle city streets.

Effortless Fold

Okay, when you first start using the Bee 6, the fold isn’t quite so effortless. But with a little bit of practice, the fold becomes easy and intuitive. And you can do it with just one hand.

Gravity does most of the work for you, collapsing the Bee 6 to a reasonably small footprint. The fold isn’t as small as a travel stroller fold, but it’s still fairly petite.

Easy Control

Pushing the Bee 6 along city sidewalks is effortless. The movement is fantastic, and it requires just the lightest push to get going.

The Bee 6 can be controlled with just your fingertips, and every movement feels gentle and smooth. Even on rougher surfaces, the Bee 6 never feels out of control.

One of the standout features of the Bugaboo Bee 6 is the turning circle — you can push the stroller a full 360 degrees, on the spot, with just one hand.

Vertical Stand Fold

Once folded, the Bee 6 has a secret weapon — a kickstand. This allows the stroller to stand vertically. This is an excellent feature for storage, and for tucking your stroller out of the way in public.

Sun Canopy

Bugaboo have updated and improved their sun canopy for the Bee 6, adding breezy panels and a peekaboo window.

The breezy windows improve ventilation, increasing airflow and controlling the temperature when the hood is down.

A peekaboo window allows parents to quickly glance in, and see how things are going. The sun canopy also provides UPF 50+ sun protection.


The Bee 6 isn’t a compact stroller, but at 20.8 lbs, it’s surprisingly lightweight.

Many parents will find they can lift the stroller in and out of their car trunk with minimal effort, even if it isn’t quite a one-handed lift. And the lighter build makes it easier to get on and off public transport.

There are a few areas that have been sacrificed to maintain this weight. The most obvious one is the storage basket, which we’ll cover below.

However, we think these small problems are worth it for a stroller that doesn’t feel like weight training.

Breathable Seat Material

A breathable mesh cover and added ventilation holes in the back make the Bee 6 seat comfortable and cooling.

On warm days, these features will reduce heat build-up, meaning there’s less discomfort. On cool days, these features will simply keep the air circulating, without adding a breeze.

The seat itself is wide and comfortable, and can be either world- or parent-facing. The Bee 6 also comes with the option to install a bassinet, allowing you to use the stroller from birth.

The bassinet is exceptional (perhaps even better than the seat) so we recommend considering this upgrade if you’re expecting.

Extendable And Comfortable Handlebar

The easy handling of the Bee 6 is improved by the addition of an adjustable handlebar. Able to adjust between 36 inches and 43 inches (roughly) you can move the handlebar to suit your height.

And it comes with a padded cover, for even less pressure on the fingers. These small features really add to the usability of the Bee 6.

Eye-Catching Cover

It might not sound that important, but the eye-catching design of the Bee 6 is an excellent feature for busy city streets.

Navigating through the crowd with a stroller can be frustrating, but the bright yellow of the Bee 6 helps you stand out to pedestrians and cyclists. And you can spot your stroller among all the others.

We recommend the traditional yellow! But if you don’t like the bright colors, the Bee 6 is also available in standard gray.

What We Don’t Like About The Bugaboo Bee 6

While we like a lot about the Bee 6, there are a few areas where it underperforms. Let’s take a look at what we don’t like about the Bugaboo Bee 6.

Difficult Assembly

The Bugaboo Bee 6 comes with a detailed instruction booklet, but this can actually just confuse matters. It’s not the easiest stroller to assemble, with the illustrated instructions providing little help.

Many parents have had to give up on the provided instructions, and rely on either their own intuition, or the helpful videos of other confused parents.

Once you’ve got the stroller together, it’s pretty intuitive to use. The fold might take a few tries to get used to, but this is only a small issue, and after a few goes, you’ll be doing it instinctively.

Considering this is such a compact stroller, it’s surprising the assembly causes this many issues.

Underseat Storage

The Bee 6 comes with an underseat storage basket that can hold roughly 8.8 lbs. This is actually quite small for stroller storage, and if you like mom and baby shopping trips, you might be disappointed.

Even if you don’t mind a smaller basket, there is another issue to consider. Access to the basket is restricted, and you have to go to the front any time you want to grab a diaper/cloth/your purse etc.

It can get frustrating, and does reduce the overall appeal of the Bee 6. When you’re out and about, having to stop the stroller, park, and move to the front anytime you want to grab an item quickly starts to feel like a hassle.


The wheels of the Bee 6 are designed for the city, but they can handle some rough surfaces. Cracked sidewalks shouldn’t cause problems, and the Bee 6 can navigate grass with relative ease.

The occasional muddy puddle shouldn’t slow you down either, with those larger-than-average wheels absorbing the impact.

However, this is a city stroller, and if you decide to venture “off-road”, expect some problems.

The lightweight body and same-sized city wheels will struggle on cobbles and gravel, making it harder to push and putting that four-wheel suspension to the test.

Final Thoughts On Bugaboo Bee 6 Stroller Review

The Bugaboo Bee is a stroller model that’s been raved about by city dwellers, and the Bee 6 improves an already fantastic design. The high points of the Bee 6 are the wheels and suspension, which provide a smooth journey over city streets.

If you do prefer to head off-road, the Bee 6 probably won’t live up to expectations. But within the confines of the city, it’s exceptional. You’ll be happy spending the day pushing around the Bee 6, with its intuitive movement and vertical stand.

We highly recommend the Bugaboo Bee 6, and we hope this review shows you why!

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