Best Breastfeeding Mom Gifts

Are you looking for the best breastfeeding mom gifts to spoil a breastfeeding mother in your life?

Then let us inspire you with these best gifts for breastfeeding moms!

Many women decide breastfeeding is the right choice for them after having a baby, but it’s far from an easy option. One way you can show your support is by grabbing some gifts for breastfeeding moms that acknowledge and help their efforts.

Breastfeeding moms often feel that others don’t support their choice, so let her know you are in her corner. Then, grab her some gifts that help her pursue her breastfeeding goals.

While moms appreciate anything people give them, here are some ideas that can be useful for your breastfeeding friend or loved one.

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25 Best Breastfeeding Mom Gifts

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow with Covers

A Boppy nursing pillow helps you decrease the pressure on your arms while holding your baby and breastfeeding for long periods. It’s one of the best gifts for breastfeeding moms; she is guaranteed to use it regularly.

Your arms may not ache when you hold a newborn regularly, but as your baby gets older and heavier, your arms and back start to hurt. Women need support to ensure they can feed their babies well without shoulder and back strain.

Make sure you include at least one extra Boppy pillow cover. A water-resistant pillow cover is an excellent idea because it saves your pillow from poop explosions, spit-up, and spilled coffee.

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2. Nipple Cream

Tender, sore nipples are part of breastfeeding a new baby. No one enjoys sore, dry, cracked nipples, so all breastfeeding moms appreciate extra nipple cream.

One of the beloved choices is Nipple Butter by Earth Mama. This cream is lanolin-free, non-GMO, and has great ingredients. It smells great, and you don’t have to wipe it off before nursing your baby.

02/15/2024 09:03 am GMT

3. Nursing Pads

You have two options when buying nursing pads: reusable or disposable. Everyone has a preference since each has pros and cons.

If you know the breastfeeding mom you are buying a gift for prefers disposable nursing pads, consider buying Lansinoh nursing pads. Lansinoh sells these pads in nearly every store, so they’re easy to source. In addition, they’re affordable, and since she will likely go through them fast, grab a few boxes!

However, if you prefer reusable nursing pads, you can’t go wrong with the Bamboobies Washing Nursing Pads. Each box comes with six regular pads and two overnight pads. You’ll love how super soft these bamboo pads are, and the unique heart shape makes the pads fit perfectly into your bra cups.

4. Hydrogel Nursing Pads

During the first few days of breastfeeding, Lansinoh Hydrogels are a godsend. They are similar to nipple cream because it speeds up the healing of cracked, damaged nipples. Nursing moms love hydrogel nursing pads for overnight use and when they can’t apply nipple cream regularly.

These gel pads provide instant cooling relief caused by sore nipples. They can be stored in the fridge to enhance cooling and are reusable for up to 72 hours.

5. Stretchy Nursing Cover

Opting to use a nursing cover is a personal decision for mothers; no one has to use a cover if they prefer not to do so. However, many mothers like to have a cover on hand in case they feel the need to use one.

Stretchy nursing covers are popular choices. They are multi-purposeful, so they won’t take up space in your diaper bag that you otherwise need. Instead, use these stretchy covers for nursing, high chair, shopping cart, and more.

Who doesn’t love a versatile gift?

6. Kindred Bravely Nursing Sleep Bra

Wearing a bra is typically a non-negotiable when breastfeeding, especially in the early weeks when you start nursing. You must keep the nursing pads in place because your breasts will leak regularly.

However, who wants to wear a stiff bra around the house all day and while sleeping?

No one!

Instead, give the gift of comfort and get a Kindred Bravely Sleep Bra. This is one of the softest nursing bras on the market, with plenty of stretch to adjust as your breasts change size all day. At the same time, it gives your breasts shape and keeps your nursing pads in place.

Plus, it’s easy for nighttime nursing with the easy access; the cups slide over!

7. Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Every mom who plans to pump more than once daily should have at least one hands-free pumping bra. This gives moms the ability to pump and get things done. No one wants to keep breast shields in place while pumping.

Medela makes one of the most popular pumping bras with a zippered closure that fits snugly on your body to keep pumps in place. The thousands of positive ratings show how popular this is.

Our Top Pick
Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands Free Pumping Bra

The Kindred Bravely Sublime Pumping Bra is a wireless pumping bra created with comfortable, stretchy fabric that expands and contracts as your breasts change throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This bra works well because the slits are larger than most and elastic, so the shields fit through the holes easily. It also has clip-down cups to give you easy and fast access and each cup is double-layered with removable padding, so it is no wonder that this is a favorite amongst pumping moms.

It works with Spectra, Medela, Ameda, and Lansinoh pumps.

02/14/2024 02:03 pm GMT

8. LaVie Lactation Massager

The Lavie Lactation Massager is an excellent item if you’re a nursing mom. It’s a massager shaped to help remove clogged ducts from your breasts. In addition, LaVie made this massager to be waterproof so that you can work out clogged ducts in the shower.

Clogged ducts are painful, so help your nursing friend eliminate this problem. It’s a unique present idea!

02/24/2024 02:03 am GMT

9. Comfortable Nursing Tank Tops

Not all breastfeeding mothers realize that they need to adjust their wardrobes to fit breastfeeding. Of course, you want your clothes to give you coverage and easy access to breastfeeding when your baby is hungry.

One versatile piece all moms need in their wardrobe is a nursing tank tops. They work as shirts during the summer or around the house, but they also look great under cardigans.

Womens Nursing Tank Tops Built in Bra
$69.99 $29.73

If you prefer an all in one bra and tank top combo then you'll love these! With built-In, molded, double layer cotton this tank top provides the full support of a nursing bra as well a stylish empire waistline for a flattering fit.

02/15/2024 01:03 am GMT

10. Lounge Pants

Moms spend a lot of time lounging around, especially in the early weeks of breastfeeding. A few nice pairs of lounge pants help your breastfeeding mom feel more put together but comfortable at the same time.

You have a lot of options!

These casual jogger pants are super soft with pockets; they double as athletic sweatpants.

02/24/2024 02:03 am GMT

11. Open-Front Cardigans

You can add an open-front cardigan to a breastfeeding mom’s wardrobe. These make shirts more nursing-friendly, and cardigans pair well with maternity jeans and leggings to complete outfits.

You really can never have too many cardigans in your closet!

12. Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

Mothers who don’t plan to pump regularly but still want to grow a freezer stash will love to have a Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump.

A Haakaa isn’t like a traditional pump; instead, it is a milk collection pump that uses suction to keep the milk flowing. It works great while you nurse your baby on the other breast. In addition, your breastfeeding loved one will be able to use this pump to relieve pressure from engorgement and build up a freezer stash slowly.

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Our Top Pick
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

There is a lot to love when it comes to this simple yet mighty breast pump!

This award-winning and best-selling manual breast pump is hands-free and lets you express milk using the power of natural suction.

The lightweight pump is 100% portable and doesn’t require any cords, batteries or assembly.

It is smooth inside and extremely easy to clean and can be sterilized by simply boiling in water for 2-3 minutes.

It also comes with a suction base that sticks to flat surfaces to prevent accidental spills as well as a cap.

The Haakaa pump is FDA-approved, made from high-quality food grade silicone and is BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.

02/14/2024 01:03 pm GMT

13. Willow Pump

Willow breast pumps may be pricey, but they have the advantage of being hands-free pumps. It goes into your bras, and you can wear the pump while doing anything around your house or work.

That’s convenient!

If you’re looking for one of the best gifts for breastfeeding moms, the Willow Pump is an excellent idea!

Willow 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump
$499.99 $374.99

The Willow 3.0 wearable breast pump is a hands-free, cordless, double-sided pump that fits neatly into a nursing bra, which is perfect for moms who want to pump on the go and discretely!

It has 7 different levels of pumping so you can easily find a settle that best suits you. It also has a powerful maximum suction power of 245 mmHg.

I also love that with the Willow, you can choose between using reusable milk containers or milk bags. The milk containers for the Willow hold 4 ounces for each side.

It also comes with an app so you can connect your pump to your smartphone via Bluetooth which allows you to control the pump and keep track of your pumping sessions.

02/23/2024 11:03 pm GMT

14. A Car Adapter for Pumping

If you are pumping regularly, then having a way to pump in the car is a big deal. This may only be for going on a trip, but if you are pumping when you go to work, car adapters help!

Another way that you can use a car adapter is during power outages. Head out to your car and pump with this cord! This adapter works for Medela breast pumps, and this adapter works for Spectra pumps.

15. A Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is perfect if you’re looking for versatile gifts for breastfeeding moms. It makes an excellent pumping station or breastfeeding station. Use this space to store your nursing pads, pumps, snacks, and other things you need while nursing your baby.

Once you are done breastfeeding, a rolling cart is something you can use for crafts or books. So, you can use it for all sorts of things!

16. Reusable Breast Milk Storage Bags

Instead of buying multiple boxes of freezer milk storage bags, why not get some reusable silicone breast milk storage bags? The Haakaa brand of freezer bags are great if you don’t plan to build a considerable stash of breast milk.

These bags are ideal if you plan to store milk for random trips or when you might need to occasionally be away from your baby. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to buy enough for a complete storage set of these bags.

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02/24/2024 08:03 am GMT

17. Reusable Milk Trays

Many moms use milk storage bags or bottles to store breast milk, but these take up room in the freezer. In addition, unthawing these bags is frustrating, so another solution is to freeze milk in these reusable milk trays.

These trays let you freeze your milk in a slim, stackable tray. They use up your freezer space efficiently, and the cubes are in a narrow shape that goes right into the bottles to thaw. Plus, you can reusable these milk trays when you are done breastfeeding.

Each set comes with two stackable milk storage trays that freeze eight one-ounce milk sticks. These sticks of milk fit right into a baby bottle opening.

02/24/2024 09:03 am GMT

18. Mother’s Milk Tea

One of the ways to increase your breast milk supply is to drive Mother’s Milk Tea by Traditional Medicinals. This tea contains ingredients known to increase your supply, such as fenugreek seed, blessed thistle herb, and spearmint.

Mother’s Milk Tea doesn’t work for everyone, but some women say it helps boost their milk production. Others say it doesn’t work for them, but it’s not bad to try!

19. Lactation Cookies

Another way to increase breastmilk supply is by munching on some lactation cookies. These cookies contain ingredients known to increase your milk supply and taste great. Plus, they go into your diaper bag with ease.

If you want to make more of these at home, try a lactation cookie mix. It’s more cost-efficient, and you have more flavor options.

20. Pre-Made Meals

New moms struggle to make meals when they spend all day holding and nursing their new baby. It leaves little energy to take care of tasks like cooking. So, consider giving the gift of a pre-made dinner.

This can be take-out from a local restaurant, gift cards to order whenever they feel the need, or a hot meal delivered when you visit. But, of course, don’t discount the appreciation of a few frozen meals too!

21. A Snack Basket!

Nursing moms spend a lot of time sitting and nursing, but breastfeeding makes you feel hungry. In addition, breastfeeding mothers tend to feel hungrier as their bodies extend energy into creating milk for their bodies.

There are all sorts of snacks that are great for breastfeeding mothers, including:

Check out our list of best snacks for breastfeeding moms for even more inspiration!

22. Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while breastfeeding is essential. Not only does nursing make you feel so thirsty, but becoming dehydrated potentially decreases your overall milk supply. Having a reusable water bottle on hand whenever you feel thirsty is a great idea.

A large, leakproof water bottle with a straw is a versatile choice.

23. An Online Breastfeeding Class

Learning how to breastfeed your baby takes time and practice, and it feels intimidating. Lack of education and knowledge on how to properly nurse your baby is one of the leading reasons mothers stop nursing earlier than planned.

So, if she is brand new to breastfeeding, consider buying her a breastfeeding course. It’s a gift she would never expect, but it makes a huge difference in the nursing experience.

24. Amazon Prime Subscription

Nursing mothers spend a lot of time sitting while they feed their babies. So why not gift them the gift of an Amazon Prime Subscription.

With a gift of a Prime 3-month or 12-month membership they’ll be able to do all their online shopping with fast and free options for deliver, instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs, and unlimited full-resolution online photo storage and 5 GB free video storage for all those adorable baby photos.

25. Audible Subscription

Another option is to pay for an Audible subscription. Some mothers enjoy listening to an audiobook more than they want to hold a book or an eReader.

The nice thing about audiobooks is that you can listen to them while you work on chores and drive to work. Listening to an audiobook throughout the day keeps your mind sharp and busy, but it also feels like you are more productive, even when sitting down to nurse.

Final Thoughts on the Best Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms

We hope we have been able to help you find the perfect gift for the breastfeeding mom in your lift with our best gifts for breastfeeding moms guide!

No matter what gift you choose, just remember that most of all, moms appreciate the thought and support; we all need supportive people in our corner to hype us up throughout our nursing journey!

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