Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pads

Are you looking for the best waterproof crib mattress pad to protect your baby’s crib mattress from diaper blowouts?

Then let us help with this guide to the best waterproof crib mattress cover!

How many parents have put a dry baby to bed, and woken up to a very damp crib? It’s, unfortunately, a common experience.

And while sheets, onesies, and babies all clean up pretty easily, getting stains and soaks out of the mattress can be a time-consuming task.

Mattresses absorb almost everything they come into contact with and can take a very long time to dry out.

No only does this makes them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold, but a damp crib mattress is an unsuitable place for your little one to sleep on!

The easiest solution is a waterproof crib mattress pad!

A waterproof crib mattress pad provides a protective barrier between the mattress and the baby, to prevent leaks from penetrating the surface of your crib mattress.

So, let us help you find a waterproof crib mattress pad that you and your baby both love! One that is soft, thin, and silent, so your child won’t know it’s there at all.

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Our Top Pick
SureGuard Crib Size Mattress Protector

With a 10-year quality guarantee, it is no wonder that this hypoallergenic, machine washable, 100% waterproof crib mattress protector by SureGaurd is our top pick.

The 100% cotton terry surface wick away moisture as well as blocks dust, dirt and dander on the top side.

Best of all, it retains the feeling of your child's mattress, so your child won't even know it's there.

02/18/2024 08:03 am GMT

List Of 5 Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

1. SureGuard Crib Size Mattress Protector – Best Overall

The SureGuard mattress pad is a popular choice among parents, thanks to the long-lasting protection it provides.

Your baby can stay comfortable overnight on the cotton terry surface, while the waterproof backing blocks liquid from soaking into the mattress.

The secret to SureGuard’s exceptional performance is the cotton terry top.

This is a breathable material that naturally absorbs liquid while releasing heat for a cool night of sleep.

The backing is noiseless and waterproof and works in tandem with the cotton top to improve airflow.

A hypoallergenic mattress protector, the SureGuard backing prevents bacteria, mildew, and mold from growing. And it’s thin, so it won’t change the feeling of the crib.

Combined with the quiet backing, your little one will never notice that there’s anything there.

SureGuard also provides this exceptional mattress in a mini crib size.

Both options come with an assurance of quality thanks to the 10-year guarantee! This mattress protector will be working long after your little one has outgrown the crib.


  • Chemical free – Free from vinyl, PVC, Phthalates, fire retardants, and toxic chemicals.
  • Machine washable – Machine wash and dry, providing ease for busy parents. Dry in the sun to remove all allergens.
  • Breathable – Avoid sweaty nights with this mattress pad that releases heat and improves airflow.


  • Price – This isn’t a budget option, particularly as there’s only one per pack.
Our Top Pick
SureGuard Crib Size Mattress Protector

With a 10-year quality guarantee, it is no wonder that this hypoallergenic, machine washable, 100% waterproof crib mattress protector by SureGaurd is our top pick.

The 100% cotton terry surface wick away moisture as well as blocks dust, dirt and dander on the top side.

Best of all, it retains the feeling of your child's mattress, so your child won't even know it's there.

02/18/2024 08:03 am GMT

2. American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib Protective Mattress Pad Cover – Best On A Budget

Simple but effective is sometimes all you need, and the American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Pad Cover is quality at a budget-friendly price.

The popular mattress is loved by families looking for a no-frills option that can prevent mold and damp growing on a crib mattress.

The top and bottom of this mattress cover are made of a soft polyester, with a waterproof middle layer providing comfort and protection.

The embossed quilt-like pattern on the top of the cover adds a softness without bulk, so your baby won’t even notice the pad is there.

It’s also quiet, with none of the crinkling often found in budget options.

Babies do have a habit of moving about during the night, tugging at covers until they come loose.

With an elastic edging, the American Baby Company mattress protector stays in place, for no unwelcome leaking.

For ease of clean up, the American Baby Company has made the protector machine washable. It’s also available in multipacks, so you always have a mattress pad on the go.

We recommend bulk buying, for some extra savings.


  • Quilted top layer – Extra softness, without added bulk. Your baby won’t even know the pad is there.
  • Close fit – The elasticated sides allow for a close fit, and less chance of shifting protection during the night.
  • Machine washable – Quick clean up, and the protector doesn’t change shape in the wash.


  • Lacks durability – After a few washes, users have reported the mattress starts pilling.

3. Margaux & May Crib Mattress Protector Pad – Best For A Quiet Night

A Mom’s Choice Award winner, this crib mattress pad from Margaux & May is notable for its fantastic noiseless quality.

While other waterproof pads crackle and crunch as your baby rolls over, this one stays completely silent, for a better night’s sleep for you and baby.

Superior softness can be found with the Margaux & May mattress protector pad, which is made using a bamboo rayon fiber.

The quilted terry top is so comfortable you’d almost let your baby sleep directly on top.

The terry top material adds plushness to the pad, but it’s still thin enough to be safe for your child. And it’s breathable, for sweaty babies.

But the silence is really the selling point of this mattress pad.

All parents understand the importance of quiet, and the waterproof backing provided by Margaux & May is crinkle-free.

Baby and parent can sleep easily with this mattress pad doing the work.

Of course, a noiseless backing is only a benefit if it prevents leaking.

The Margaux & May mattress pad has been repeatedly tested for durability and has been recognized as leak free by the Mom’s Choice Award.

And if the commercial grade quality doesn’t reach your standards, Margaux & May offers a lifetime guarantee.


  • Bamboo rayon fabric – A plush fabric made from sustainable materials, for eco-conscious parents.
  • Mom’s Choice Award winner – Tested and approved by the parents at Mom’s Choice.
  • Noiseless – The waterproof backing doesn’t crinkle and crunch, even for babies that love to move.


  • Cold wash only – Limited machine washing options.

4. Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress Pad – Best Organic Crib Mattress Protector

If you’re a parent that wants to keep chemicals as far from the nursery as possible, you’ll love the Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress Pad.

This mattress protector is made from organic materials with no harmful chemicals, while still providing exceptional protection against leaks and spills.

You might be surprised to learn just how many chemicals can be found in items intended for the nursery. But not at Naturepedic.

Their mattress pads are completely free from vinyl, PVC, phthalates, latex, and other toxic materials. This also reduces allergy risk, for a safer night’s sleep.

The top and bottom layers of the Naturepedic mattress pad are made using 100% GOTS organic cotton.

Not only is this material soft and comfortable, but it also provides a breathable surface for a cool night.

The waterproof barrier of the Naturepedic mattress pad is created using a non-toxic material. This effectively stops leaks from reaching the mattress, while the breathable technology allows for some water vapor to escape.

If you’re used to waking up to a warm, damp baby, the Naturepedic pad will leave them as dry as possible.


  • 100% organic certified – Every element of the mattress protector has been certified organic.
  • Machine washable – Can be machine washed and tumble dried on low, providing busy parents with a quick clean-up.
  • Made Safe certified – Screened by Made Safe to ensure the removal of harmful ingredients and chemicals.


  • Price – If you want organic, you have to pay more. Naturepedic makes the most expensive mattress protector on our list.

5. PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector – Best For Sensitive Skin

Babies are born with soft and sensitive skin, and it’s our job as parents to keep them safe. Close contact with harsh chemicals can cause rashes and irritation.

To protect against this, PUREgrace have created a Tencel mattress cover, which is gentle when next to even the most sensitive skin.

Tencel is a material made from eucalyptus, designed to be a cool and gentle fabric against sensitive skin.

PUREgrace have constructed their mattress cover to have a smooth sleeping surface that sits comfortably on irritated skin, and won’t exacerbate an itch.

PUREgrace have designed a waterproof mattress protector with ease of use at the forefront.

The deep pocketed corners are reinforced to enhance durability and to fit to all standard mattress sizes.

The sleek design makes removal and application easy, and the pad is machine washable for quick clean-ups.

Hypoallergenic, and with a naturally breathable finish, the PUREgrace waterproof mattress pad provides ultimate comfort for little ones with sensitive skin.


  • 10-year warranty – PUREgrace are confident you’ll love the mattress protector as much as they do, which is why they offer a 10-year warranty.
  • Non-Toxic – Free from BPA, solvents, vinyl, PVC, and phthalates. Safe to be close to gentle baby skin.
  • Tencel fabric – Silky soft but also cooling, it naturally prevents bed bugs and is very absorbent.


  • Price – Made from bamboo fiber Tencel, this is a luxury waterproof mattress protector with a higher price tag.

Buyer’s Guide on the Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector

There is a huge range of mattress protectors available for caring parents. These range from the bargain to the luxurious, from the simple to the complex.

In this guide, we’ll cover exactly what features you should be looking for in a waterproof mattress protector, what’s important for your child, and what isn’t worth the cost.


We recommend a waterproof mattress protector, as it prevents any leaks and spills from penetrating the mattress underneath.

However, not all mattress pads will be waterproof.

Some just provide a simple barrier to prevent stains and damage.

Double-check the details on whatever mattress pad you choose, to check for that layer of waterproofing.

Not all waterproofing is made equal. Most mattress protectors either use a backing layer of waterproof fabric or a middle waterproof layer.

And some budget options just aren’t very good at protecting the mattress. Take a close look at the materials used, and read reviews before making your choice.

Otherwise, you might wake up to one damp mattress.


Waterproof mattress pads are typically made of two fabrics: a soft top layer, and a waterproof bottom or middle layer.

The top layer should be soft, comfortable, and gentle next to your baby’s skin.

Natural materials are often best on sensitive skin, with cotton and bamboo providing an impressive amount of absorption.

These fabrics should also be breathable, to keep your baby cool overnight.

Another factor to consider is whether the fabric is safe and free of harmful chemicals. Luckily, more and more brands are creating affordable, non-toxic mattress protectors.

Look for fabrics that are free of vinyl, PVC, phthalates, and other chemicals.

The waterproof layer should also be free of chemicals, although it shouldn’t come into contact with your child’s skin anyway.


Softness is an important factor, as your baby will be sleeping on the mattress pad. But there is such a thing as too soft!

A plush cover might not provide enough support, so there has to be a balance of softness and firmness.

A mattress protector should also be thin, so it poses no risk of suffocation. Some children can really move about in their sleep, untucking sheets and layers.

If your mattress protector does work itself loose, a thin layer is a smaller risk.


When we think of waterproof fabrics, we tend to think of plastic sheeting and vinyl coats.

And while these do an excellent job of keeping moisture out, they aren’t exactly what you want to sleep on.

For a start, they aren’t very comfortable. But they also create a lot of noise.

Crinkly, crackling, crunchy fabrics will keep children awake, which keeps parents awake. Look for a mattress protector that describes itself as noise-free, or silent.

These will use clever waterproof fabrics that make little to no noise with movement.

Ease Of Use

Struggling with a mattress cover is the dreaded household task of many adults, and the smaller crib cover isn’t much easier.

To save time, look for mattress covers with elastic, zippers, or straps, to tuck under the mattress easily.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The waterproof mattress protector forms a barrier between leaks and the mattress.

This prevents the mattress itself from becoming damp and facilitating the growth of mold and mildew. But, of course, in doing so the mattress pad becomes damp and dirty.

For the easiest clean, get a mattress protector that can go in both the washing machine and tumble dryer, without warping or tearing.

Some mattress protectors are hand wash only.

Quick drying is also a useful feature. This has two benefits.

It makes for a breathable and cooler night for your little one. It also means the mattress pad can be cleaned and dried before bedtime.


Elastic, zippers, and straps can provide a tight fit for the mattress protector. This will make it harder to pull loose, so the waterproofing can do its job better.

The fit also shouldn’t bunch. Bunching can be dangerous for sleeping newborns, so check the sizing before buying.

Many crib mattress pads are also available in mini crib sizes!


Good news for parents — mattress protectors are available at a range of prices. For the budget conscious, low cost multipack pads will get the job done.

And if you don’t mind splashing out, there are some luxury pads that use only the best, often organic, materials.

A crib mattress pad isn’t something you need to break the bank for, but be wary of anything too cheap. It’s likely to not withstand much washing and cleaning.

Remember that these pads are going to be used daily.

Our Top Pick
SureGuard Crib Size Mattress Protector

With a 10-year quality guarantee, it is no wonder that this hypoallergenic, machine washable, 100% waterproof crib mattress protector by SureGaurd is our top pick.

The 100% cotton terry surface wick away moisture as well as blocks dust, dirt and dander on the top side.

Best of all, it retains the feeling of your child's mattress, so your child won't even know it's there.

02/18/2024 08:03 am GMT

FAQs on Waterproof Mattress Protector for Crib

What Are Crib Mattress Pads?

Crib mattress pad is a layer of protection that’s used on top of the mattress.

Mattresses are expensive and difficult to clean, and also have a habit of absorbing every single spill and leak.

The mattress protector should absorb these liquids before they reach the mattress, giving your baby a more comfortable night.

And the pad is much easier for parents to clean the next day!

Do I Need A Crib Mattress Protector?

A crib mattress protector isn’t a necessity, but we believe it is worth purchasing.

Mattresses can be an investment, and once they’re dirty, they’re very difficult to clean.

They’re also very difficult to dry, which allows for the growth of mold and bacteria.

The waterproof mattress protector simply provides a barrier between liquids and the mattress. In time, it can save money, and the stress of spot cleaning a soiled mattress.

What Is The Best Crib Mattress Protector?

A mattress crib protector should be waterproof, comfortable, and safe.

Our top choice for a cover is the SureGuard crib pad, which combines quality materials and an affordable price.

We also like the American Baby Company protector as a budget choice, and the Margaux & May pad for a silent night.

If your baby has sensitive skin, consider the organic option from Naturepedic, or the hypoallergenic PUREgrace.

Final Thoughts on Best Waterproof Crib Protector

Mattress protectors aren’t essential, but they’re a great idea. They’ll help keep your mattress cleaner, safer, and healthier.

So, if you haven’t got one yet, now might be a good time to invest!

We’ve listed our top picks that combine impressive waterproofing with a baby soft feel, and super safe materials.

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