Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas

Are your looking for some extra special ways to celebrate your Baby’s first Christmas? Or that thoughtful baby’s first Christmas gift?

Then you have come to the right place, as our baby Christmas gifts guide is full of gorgeous keepsake gifts to inspire you!

Christmas is such a magical time of the year.

It is filled with family, Christmas traditions, celebration, and joy.

And if you recently welcomed a new little member to your family, or know someone that has, then you’re probably looking for a few things to make their first Christmas one to remember. 

Below are some extra special gift ideas for making your baby’s first Christmas magical and also one to remember for years to come!

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Best Baby Christmas Gifts

We’ve put together our top baby Christmas gift ideas to make your baby’s first Christmas magical!

Baby’s First Christmas Outfits

When it comes to Christmas day, dressing your little one up in their first Christmas outfit is a must!

Because really what on Christmas day even comes close to being as cute as seeing your baby all dressed up wearing their pint-sized Christmas outfit and Santa hat!

And of course, it just makes for the most adorable Christmas family photos.

Word of advice though, make sure you have a few baby’s 1st Christmas outfits on hand to change into for when they inevitably spill cranberry sauce all over it.

Baby’s First Christmas Outfit Boy

When it comes to choosing your little boy’s 1st Christmas outfit you could pick a traditional first Christmas outfit or something with a little more personality.

Either way you’ll be sure to know they are going to look adorable all dressed up in their first Christmas suit.  

Baby’s First Christmas Outfit Girl

If frills and skirts are not quite your thing, but you still want to bring a bit of magic to your baby girls Christmas outfit you really can’t go pass this one!

But if you are looking for bows, frills, and sparkles (in a non-tacky way) then this girl’s first Christmas outfit is for you.

Baby’s First Christmas Pajamas

If you are looking for some great ways to add to the magic of Christmas morning year after year, why not start the day off with Christmas pajamas!

It will make for some amazing Christmas morning photos.

You can either dress just your baby in their first Christmas pajamas or get the whole family in on the act (because let’s face it, it does not matter what age you are, if the whole family is in matching Christmas Pajamas it is going to look too cute!)

Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

If you are looking for the perfect first Christmas keepsake, then a first Christmas ornament is a must.

Ideally you will want one that has the year on it or that it states that it is your baby’s first Christmas ornament, so it is easy to mark the occasion and remember it for years to come.

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Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

A baby’s 1st Christmas stocking makes for a fantastic first Christmas keepsake. It is something that you can re-use year after year and fill with little gifts from Santa. Alternatively, you could also choose a super cute Santa sack.

Baby’s First Christmas Book

Not much beats snuggling up under the Christmas tree with your baby and reading cute Christmas stories.

Baby’s First Christmas Photo Frame

What better way to display all those adorable first Christmas photos than with a first Christmas photo frame!

Baby’s First Christmas Blanket

Keep your little one snug during the festive period with a gorgeous Christmas Blanket.

Baby’s First Christmas Plush Toy

What better way to bring a smile to your baby’s face than with a Christmas plush toy!

You can even get super cute Christmas plush toys like this one that play a Christmas tune.

Baby’s First Christmas Tree

Let them enjoy decorating the tree over and over again without the risk of hurting themselves with this toy Christmas tree.

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Final Thoughts on Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of the year, especially if you are celebrating your baby’s first Christmas.

We hope this guide has been helpful in helping to find the perfect first Christmas keepsake for your baby.

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