Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the best baby shower hostess gift ideas to say thank you for throwing you a baby shower?

Then let us help with our guide on the best gift ideas for hostess of baby shower!

Throwing a baby shower is a labor of love. It takes hours of planning and preparing to throw together a party, so whether your friend, parent, or sibling offers to throw you a shower, be sure to find some baby shower hostess gift ideas.

Giving a baby shower hostess gift isn’t a requirement. Of course, your loved ones want to throw you a baby shower for your new bundle of joy, but everyone knows how much work it takes. So, if you’re going to thank them for all the effort, look for unique gift ideas that showcase your gratitude.

Don’t forget a handwritten ‘thank you’ note; that is always appreciated!

So, to help you find the perfect gift to say thank you, here you’ll find the best unique ideas for hostess gifts for baby shower and baby shower hostess gifts for multiple hostesses to inspire you!

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gift ideas for hostess of baby shower

Best Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

1. Dried Floral Arrangements

A typical flower arrangement only lasts a few days before it needs to be tossed out. A unique baby shower hostess gift is a dried floral arrangement.

The flowers never die – perfect for your friend who always forgets to water her flowers – and brings color into any space. In addition, some arrangements are scented, acting like room refreshers and decor.

2. Edible Arrangements

Everyone loves receiving Edible Arrangements. They deliver to your doorstep, so if you have a surprise baby shower, it’s easy to go home and order an arrangement as a thank you. You have plenty of options; some are large enough for an entire family!

Another option in the same realm is Sherri’s Berries. These are decorated and covered strawberries, and they are delicious.

3. Oh! Nuts Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket

Hand-dipped biscotti are delicious, and this gift basket contains biscotti covered with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Your hostess will love this extra-sweet thank you, and the gift box is gorgeous. They put special care into creating this set of biscotti cookies.

Oh! Nuts Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket
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06/16/2024 03:03 am GMT

4. Scented Candles

Everyone loves nice quality candles. Candle stores sell various sizes and scents; pick based on your host’s preference. 

Before buying candles for your loved one, consider how they feel about chemicals. Many candles contain toxins, so look for a natural candle with safe ingredients. Their house will smell great without any safety concerns!

06/13/2024 02:03 pm GMT

5. Wind Chimes

Perhaps your hostess friend loves to sit on her porch. A wind chime is an excellent gift. She will think of you and your new baby whenever she hears the chimes.

Wind chimes work as garden accessories and home decor; they look great hung in a vegetable garden for a bit of beauty. Also, many believe wind chimes promote positive energy flow into your house, creating a healing environment.

6. Hammock Swing

A unique gift idea is a hammock swing for a tree or porch. Your hostess will enjoy spending hours outside, relaxing, and listening to the birds while sitting in a new, cozy swing.

06/16/2024 04:03 am GMT

7. Herb Garden Kit

Gardeners love gifts that support their hobby. An herb garden kit is something you may toss together yourself or buy one already made.

In an herb garden kit, include the following:

  • Several herb seed packets
  • Garden Knife
  • Plant labels
  • New garden gloves
  • A knee pad

8. A Fruit Tree

If the shower is in the spring, consider offering a fruit tree as a hostess gift if she loves plants. A fruit tree is a unique gift, but every time she sees the tree, she will think of you. Best of all, the tree continues to give back. Within a few years, she will have fresh apples, pears, plums, or whatever fruit you select.

Many people talk about adding fruit trees to their property, but few think about doing so when the time comes. We guarantee this is a gift she will remember for ages.

9. Wine Gift Basket

Does your hostess love a nice glass of wine in the evening? Then, put together a wine gift basket!

Head to a local winery and ask for several popular bottles of wine, especially if you aren’t sure what she loves the most. Then, include a set of stemless wine glasses!

JoyJolt Layla White Wine Glasses, Set of 4
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10. DIY Sangria Kit

Are you looking for inexpensive baby shower hostess gifts? Put together a DIY sangria kit, something any wine lover will appreciate.

Grab some fresh fruits at your local store, such as strawberries, oranges, pears, plums, and limes. Then, get a few mini bottles of wine and vodka, but vodka is optional. Finally, include a large mason jar so she can create her sangria, and put it all in a basket for her.

Wine lovers will truly appreciate the thought that went into the basket!

11. Picnic Basket

Taking picnics is something most people don’t take enough time to enjoy with their family. Grab a picnic basket with all the supplies needed for an enjoyable lunch at the park.

06/16/2024 06:03 am GMT

12. Mail Organizer

Some people appreciate practical gifts, and a mail organizer is a unique gift idea. A mail organizer gives your friend a place to store all the bills and other things. It should have slots to keep everything in its place.

13. An Apron

Does the hostess enjoy cooking? Few people buy aprons for themselves, but they are practical gifts for anyone who spends time in the kitchen.

You can opt for something cute or even funny depending on their personality!

14. Breakfast Gift Basket

Putting together gift baskets is an excellent way to show appreciation for someone. A breakfast gift basket is a unique idea, perfect for couples who enjoy meals together.

Here are some ideas to include in a breakfast gift basket.

  • Pancake Mix
  • Maple Syrup
  • Coffee
  • Coffee Syrup
  • Donut Pan
  • Mini Muffin Pan

15. Cheese Board & Knife Set

If she loves to host parties, this bamboo cheese board and knife set is great for appetizers during get-togethers. The slide-out drawer hides utensils, and the grooved bamboo edges are great for meats and cheese.

06/16/2024 07:03 am GMT

16. Planner with a Nice Pen

If the baby shower hostess likes organization, an undated planner with a new pen is always appreciated. Grab one pen or consider colored pens so she can color code her new planner, pleasing her type A heart.

06/16/2024 08:03 am GMT

17. Weekend Bag

Those who enjoy traveling always appreciate nice weekend bags. Weekend bags are a perfect size; they aren’t too large for a short trip but big enough to hold several days’ worth of outfits.

Complete the gift with a new toiletry bag for all her bath essentials while traveling,

06/16/2024 08:03 am GMT

18. Stainless Steel Portable Cup

Is it possible to have too many portable cups? We think not!

If your baby shower hostess is always on the go, a portable cup keeps her caffeinated and happy. The cups keep hot drinks warm and cold beverages cool for hours. Complete the gift by adding a gift card to her favorite coffee shop, so she gets her coffee without needing to make a pot at home.

06/09/2024 02:03 pm GMT

19. Coffee Gift Basket

Speaking of coffee lovers, a coffee gift basket is like a dream come true for many. Creating a basket with all things coffee-related shows how much you know them and their addiction.

Try including some of these items:

  • Coffee – Beans or Ground
  • New Coffee Mugs
  • Stir Sticks
  • Coffee Syrup
  • Frother
  • Biscottis or Other Coffee Treats
  • Sugar Packets

20. Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes make fantastic baby shower hostess gifts as long as the hostess enjoys wearing jewelry. A nice jewelry box keeps all her necklaces, rings, earrings, and other valuables in one area.

If you pick this as her appreciation gift, be sure to pick one she will enjoy seeing out on her dresser or nightstand. Then, make the gift extra special by adding an affordable yet pretty new accessory into the box for her to find. Then, she will think of you and your baby when she wears it.

21. Book

If your host loves books and you know her well, you can select a new book for her collection. Book lovers always love to read something new.

If you aren’t sure which books she has, a gift card is a safe choice. Also, consider including a book light for nighttime reading and a magnetic bookmark.

Or you could even consider gifting an Amazon audible gift membership!

22. Sketching Set

Is your baby shower hostess artistic and enjoys drawing? Support her creative side with a new set of sketch pencils and a sketch pad.

Artists always appreciate new materials to further their hobbies and passion.

23. Movie Night Gift Basket

Plan the perfect night in for your hostess; this gift is gender-neutral. Grab a basket and toss some classic movie night snacks like popcorn, skittles, M&Ms, and chips. Then, include a few DVDs or a gift certificate to Amazon Prime so they can watch all their favorite movies and shows.

24. A Spa Gift Certificate

The hostess put work into creating your dream baby shower. Now, give her the gift of relaxation with a gift certificate for a local spa.

The great thing about a spa gift certificate is you set your budget, and she picks the service or services she wants within that amount. Or, write out the certificate for a specific spa service you believe she will love.

A day at the spa is always a great day!

25. Bath Bombs

Sometimes, those with a busy lifestyle need a reason to relax, and an assortment of bath bombs gives them something to look forward to after a long day. These bath bomb sets make a great standalone present or toss in a bottle of water for extra relaxation.

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The scents are not overpowering, and they leave a subtle fragrance that lingers on your skin after you've taken your bath.

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs are available in different sets, each with a unique theme, such as "Love," "Relaxation," and "Eucalyptus." Each set contains twelve individually wrapped bath bombs that are perfect for gift-giving or for treating yourself to a relaxing bath experience.

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26. Home Spa Basket

Instead of giving the hostess a spa gift certificate, pamper your friend with a home spa basket you create with relaxation in mind.

Here are some things to include in the basket.

27. Gift Certificate

The sky is the limit regarding gift certificates; you have many options, so tap into everything you know about your host.

Does she love a specific local restaurant? Grab a gift card! Does she love reading books or listening to Audiobooks? Try a gift certificate for Audible or Kindle Unlimited.

The great thing is that gift certificates aren’t limiting. Many local businesses offer gift cards, so if you know she enjoys shopping or a local attraction, a certificate shows you pay attention and want her to select the gift.

Baby Shower Hostess Gifts for Multiple Hostesses

If more than one hostess collaborated for your perfect baby shower, you would want to find a way to show them how appreciative you are of their efforts.

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Take everyone out for a nice dinner or lunch as a treat from you. Select somewhere with nice food that you might consider a splurge, but after all the work they put into your big day, it’s worth the money.

  2. Enjoy a spa day together. Take your hostesses to a local spa and enjoy getting pedicures and facials together. Plus, every mom-to-be needs a spa day before their baby arrives.

  3. Give a gift of houseplants. Everyone loves houseplants; they look great in your home as decor and help purify the air. Head to a local garden center and find a few houseplants your hosts will love.
  4. Gather photos and create a framed collection for each host. These pictures might be times you had together, photos of the baby shower, and a picture of you together. Everyone loves framed photos!

How to Pick the Right Baby Shower Hostess Gift

Picking a baby shower hostess gift should show your appreciation and thoughts. The gift should reflect them and show how well you know them as a person.

Here are some considerations when picking a gift.

Their Interests

First and most important is their interests. Don’t buy gardening supplies for someone who never grows any plants. The gift should reflect their interests, hobbies, or overall personality.

When they open the gift, they should know that you thought about them and what they would enjoy. The saying “it’s the thought that counts” is about knowing you took the time to think of that person and what they would appreciate the most.

This is a great time to think about that person. Do they sit on their porch and have coffee every morning? Does she enjoy baking cookies? Is her nightstand full of romance books?

The more you know about her, the better and easier you will find a personal gift.


The next point goes hand-in-hand with their interests. Look for valuable gifts. As long as it is something they enjoy and will find ways to use, it may be the perfect hostess gift.

Price Point

The great thing is that you can find a hostess gift at any price point. Hostess gifts come in all budget price points, so pick a dollar amount you feel comfortable spending before shopping.

Do You Have to Give a Baby Shower Hostess Gift?

The short answer is no, a hostess gift is not mandatory. However, a gift is a kind gesture that shows you appreciate the time and energy she put into creating an event for you and your new baby.

A baby shower hostess gift doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. A simple gift, even a thank you note and a flower arrangement, is perfectly acceptable and shows you care and feel thankful.

How Much to Spend on a Hostess Gift for a Baby Shower

There is no set or required amount you must spend on a hostess gift. Your hostess will understand no matter what budget you select for the gift.

Some gift-giving experts recommend spending $60 to $100 if the hostess is a close relative or friend. They suggest $30 to $50 for friends or more distant relatives who perhaps helped but didn’t spend as much time or money on the event.

When picking a budget, remember that hosting a baby shower costs time and money. Think about the size of the shower and how much that costs when selecting a gift for your hostess.

When to Give a Baby Shower Hostess Gift

When you give a baby shower hostess gift depends on whether the party is a surprise or not. If the party is a success, you won’t have a hostess gift ready, so send one within two weeks after the party. For planned baby showers, prepare to give the hostess gift before or after the party on the same day.

If the party has multiple hosts, you need a present for both. They should be equal unless you know one only provided small amounts of time or money to the party.

Final Thoughts On A Thank You Gift For Baby Shower Hostess

Whilst you don’t have to give a baby shower host thank you gift, it is a great way to show your appreciation for all the effort your host went to in providing you with a special day to help celebrate you and your baby!

We hope this guide has be helpful in helping you come up with the best hostess gift ideas for baby shower for you and your baby shower hostess!  

hostess gift ideas for baby shower