Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Review

If you’re considering buying the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, then let us help you decide if it is the right stroller for you with our Baby Jogger City Tour 2 review!

Baby strollers are great for running around town or taking long walks with your kids.

They also provide a safe place for babies to nap. But they aren’t always the easiest thing to carry around. That’s where the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 stroller comes in, which is designed specifically for city living.

It’s a stroller that features a lightweight frame and large storage basket for keeping your (and your baby’s) essentials close at hand. It also has a reclining seat and adjustable footrests, plus a removable bassinet.

So, is it worth it for all these features? The following baby jogger city tour review will break down everything you might need to know about the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 stroller.

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Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Review

Let’s take a look at the key features and pros and cons to the baby jogger city tour 2.

Key Features Of The Baby Jogger City Tour 2

At a glance, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 stroller features a carry bag, a storage basket, a UV 50+ canopy and peekaboo window, and a limited lifetime warranty on the stroller’s frame.

This stroller is perfect for parents who want to take their baby out for a stroll without having to worry about carrying them around, but there’s a lot more to it.

There are a number of notable features offered by the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 stroller, some of which are quite unique compared to most other strollers.

Easily Foldable

It folds easily into its compact size, making it easy to store away when you don’t need it. How easy, you might be wondering? Well, if you’ve ever longed for a stroller that could be folded with just one hand, you’re finally in luck.

There are quite a few manufacturers that claim their strollers can be folded with one hand, but this claim is rarely true.

With the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, though, it’s very easy to fold the stroller with just your pointer finger and your thumb.

Pressing the fold buttons on the handlebar of the stroller will instantly fold the top section, and then pulling up the strap at the seat will collapse the rest of the stroller.

This makes it very ideal for contexts in which you don’t have anywhere for your baby to sit while you collapse the stroller; you can just carry your baby while you do so.

Once folded the stroller is easy to carry because it weighs just 14 pounds, but there’s also a carry bag that’ll make transporting it even easier, as well as help to protect the stroller from the elements and dust.

The only downside to the collapsed stroller is that it won’t stand upright while in this state, so you’ll need to either lie it flat or carry it if the ground isn’t dry.

Three Different Ways To Ride

Unlike the first iteration of the Baby Jogger City Tour, this stroller is newborn friendly thanks to the ability to add a carry cot or bassinet, which is sold separately to the stroller.

The carry cot can transport a newborn child and continue transporting them until they’re as big as 20 pounds, at which point they can use the stroller itself until they’re 45 pounds.

Nearly Flat Recline

The first iteration of the City Tour had quite a shallow seat, but the City Tour 2 stroller has a far deeper seat, making it comfortable for both babies and toddlers.

The stroller can be reclined to multiple positions, one of which is almost completely flat.

This flexibility makes it the perfect stroller for when your baby needs a nap. You can also adjust the calf support when you recline the stroller, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort on your end.

Storage Basket

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 stroller also features a basket for storage.

It’s worth pointing out that there are strollers on the market which offer far more storage space than the City Tour 2 does; you’re unlikely to fit anything larger than a small to medium diaper bag in this basket.

Still, don’t let that put you off the stroller entirely. There are a variety of stroller hooks available to provide you with extra storage.

Three-Panel Canopy

The UPF 50+ canopy of the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 has three panels, as well as a pop-out sun visor for an abundance of extra shade. Considering it’s such a lightweight stroller, the size of the canopy is quite impressive.

There’s also a large mesh window with velcro closure.

No Cup Holders Or Parent Tray

While some of the more modern strollers feature parents trays and cup holders, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 does not.

While there are stroller organizer and stroller cup holder products on the market that would remedy this, having to buy an additional item isn’t ideal.

The company does offer a belly bar for hanging some of your child’s toys, but this accessory is sold separately, which isn’t great. If there’s no parent tray, shouldn’t there at least be a belly bar for toys?

Still, when it comes to the downsides of the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 stroller, the lack of a parent tray and belly bar, as well as the small storage basket, are really the only things worth noting.

None of the downsides mentioned in this review constitute deal breakers- but it’s down to personal preference, at the end of the day.

Multiple Different Colors

The City Tour 2 stroller is quite a bit more stylish than the first City Tour, and it comes in a number of colors, including jet (black), slate (silver), and seacrest (dark blue).

Whichever color you go with, the stroller will offer the same features, so it’s just down to which color catches your eye the most.

Multiple Accessories Available

While it could be argued that some of these accessories should’ve been included with the stroller itself, there are at least a number of options if you want to pay a little more for some extras.

Accessories available to buy separately include the Baby Jogger Parent Console, the Baby Jogger Weather Shield, the Universal Baby Jogger Belly Bar, and the Baby Jogger City GO Adapter (a rear-facing infant car seat that can take up to 35 pounds).

Other Features

The handlebar sits 38 inches above the ground.

This isn’t too far off the average height of stroller handlebars, which is 40 inches, but it’s not adjustable, so you might want to consider a stroller with a taller handlebar (or at least an adjustable handlebar) if you’re quite tall.

The handlebar has a rubber cover which is very durable, and it’s also where you’ll find the buttons to fold the top part of the stroller before you pull the strap on the seat to fold the rest.

The stroller features an adjustable, padded, five-point harness with a release button in the center.

The foot brake is a one-step brake. It’s very responsive, but you won’t have much luck with it if you’re wearing flip flops.

Final Thoughts on City Tour 2 Stroller

Overall, the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is a very impressive stroller, and there have been many improvements made on the original City Tour.

It’s perfect for both newborn babies and toddlers (up to 45 pounds), easily foldable with just one hand, and it’s very lightweight.

The only notable downsides of the stroller are the lack of a parent console and lack of storage space.

But you can buy separate items to remedy both of these problems (which you may not even deem problems in the first place), some of which are sold by this very company.

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