Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review

If you’re considering buying the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2? Then let us help you decide if it is the right stroller for you with our Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 review!

One of the most important things to get your baby is a comfortable and safe stroller.

It’s significant that they are secured and feel relaxed enough to have a nap or simply to prevent them from crying when you’re out at the grocery store!

When you’re looking for an everyday stroller, you might be looking for specific things like strong handles, the ability to adapt to a car seat, maybe a belly bar and maybe a storage basket.

Whatever features you’re looking for, the most significant elements are safety and a comfortable ride and luckily, there are many on the market that offer these things when it comes to full size strollers.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is a well known type of stroller that many new parents might be looking to for their next purchase – but with so many strollers available, you might be wondering if it’s worth buying.

We’ve tried one and decided to give you our findings, along with some other handy information for a potential buyer to know.

So, get comfy and strap in – explore with us our review of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.

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02/08/2023 02:47 am GMT

Haven’t I Heard Of This City Mini GT 2 Before?

If you think you’ve heard about the City Mini GT 2 stroller before, you wouldn’t be alone.

There was a previous model known as the Baby Jogger City Mini. The thing is, although both of these strollers have fantastic benefits, they also have their own individual upsides and downsides.

The main differences between the two are the following:

  • The GT2 Mini is more expensive than the Mini
  • The GT2 Mini has Forever Air rubber tires
  • The GT2 Mini has an adjustable handlebar
  • The GT2 Mini is larger and heavier than the Mini
  • The GT2 Mini has hand operated parking brakes and not a foot brake

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Review

Let’s take a look at the key features and pros and cons to the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.

Let’s Discuss The Tires

As we mentioned there, the City Mini GT2 has what they call “Forever Air” rubber tires.

These types of tires make it much easier to push around in tougher and less stable surfaces, which is perfect if you live in a more rural area.

The previous model was much more adept for smoother surfaces and was better for your typical sidewalks.
We found that these types of tires made the stroller feel lighter in many respects.

The new design does not detract from the smooth feel on the sidewalk though, in fact, both strollers feel similar on standard terrain.

Due to its all wheel suspension, travelling uphill or on uneven surfaces is much easier than its counterpart, but don’t expect to be hiking with it.

This stroller’s wheel and tire design can hold up if you’re going on a park ride. You’ll transition easily from the uneasy park floor and environment, to the much flatter and more smooth sidewalk floor.

We have used strollers that probably have better tires if you live in very uneasy terrains, but this stroller has a fantastic duality and certainly holds it own in the stroller world!

What About Storage?

Walking around for a while with your baby can be great and is certainly necessary, but it can be problematic if you have little storage or no storage basket available.

The City Mini GT2 has some easy and straight-forward features that allows for moms to easily move and store their items. If we have to give a poor mark here though, we’d say the unfortunate design flaw that blocks off more storage space with the crossbar.

The stroller itself has a 10lb limit for storage, and there is front access to the storage bin – but due to the crossbar being in the way – you cannot easily access your stored items. Certainly makes things like diaper bags a real drag!

There is a little 2lb storage holder at the back, but you can’t really fit too much in there. If anything, you can place a baby bottle or maybe a hat in there. It’s a real shame when there is a lot of potential there.

How Do The New Hand-Operated Parking Brakes Hold Up?

We’re undecided on this. On the one hand, it’s much better to have a handbrake which runs along the side of the frame, which of course saves your feet and is easier to access.

But we also found that when you squeezed it in, it felt as though you were about to break it or if it might snap on you. We can’t be sure of the safety of it, but it certainly worked every time we did it.

We would have preferred a design that allowed for both a hand and foot operated braking system, perhaps one for your everyday use and one for emergencies, perhaps.

Either way, it feels as though there was more they could have done here. The previous model had few downsides with its brakes and this seemed like an unneeded upgrade.

What About Folding?

This is an area where this stroller really holds up to critics. It’s a compact fold and the process of folding the stroller is incredibly easy to do. You literally just take the frame off its lock and pull the handle up on the bottom of the seat.

It then locks itself and secures. There are few full-size strollers on the market that are as easy to fold as the City Mini GT2.

Let’s Talk About The Seat

The seat can recline into a flat position and allows for flat-napping. It isn’t the easiest stroller to play around with though, so it will likely require you using both hands, which can be quite frustrating.

The City Mini GT2’s seat compatibility is pretty good though – it’s compatible with most car seats and the availability for an infant car seat adapter is wide-ranging.

Without actually sitting in the seat for ourselves, we believe the seat offers a good level of comfort.

The material and seat fabric is very soft but remains durable and easy to clean for babies that like to throw their food and drink around!

Is The Stroller Heavy?

Despite its name, the GT2 Mini is heavier than its predecessor and that’s likely due to its new design and the fact it is slightly larger.

It weighs in at slightly more than 20lbs, so consider the weight before you purchase if you plan to pick it up and move it around a lot. Additionally, think of the stroller weight with your infant in the seat – will you be able to push around all the weight and the storage?

Does It Have A Hood?

It does have a hood and this is one of its best points.

The hood is large and very protective in the hottest of sunlight and wettest of rain! You can have the peace of mind when you’re out and about with your infant that they are fully protected from the elements!

Is The GT2 Mini Of A Good Quality Though?

It is of an acceptable standard for a stroller. We’d argue that there are certainly better strollers on the market though.

Its strengths are in some areas of its design, along with ability to adapt to all kinds of terrain. Having said that though, it’s also arguable to say that a lot of other strollers on the market have these areas covered better.

Below, we’ve listed the main pros and cons of the stroller.


  • Useful on multiple terrains
  • Good amount of storage
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • There are more budget-friendly strollers on the market
  • Some of its strengths are also its weaknesses
  • The brake doesn’t feel comfortable to use
  • Heavier than the previous model

What Did We Think About The GT2 Mini?

After testing, we found that this particular stroller is one of those that you can certainly enjoy for a while and while it does have some very good points, there are plenty more drawbacks that make it fall down.

There are many areas of the stroller that we had high hopes for, such as its storage space – but because of its poor and confusing design with the bar – you’re restricted from normal usage and cannot access the areas that you wanted to!

Additionally, we found that it was easy to maneuver around on a variety of terrains, but we have seen other strollers that hold up better than this one.

The supposed quick set-up wasn’t as expected either. It took us around 5 minutes to get it all set up and ready to go, and as we know – sometimes, we don’t have 5 minutes to spare with this!

In its defense though, it is a good-looking stroller and does the job it was designed to do. It also protects your infant from many elements, so most states in the US will be able to use this stroller with peace of mind when it comes to infant safety.

02/08/2023 02:47 am GMT

Final Thoughts on our Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller Review

The GT2 Mini is a good stroller, but not the best – and arguably its previous model was better. If you’re in the market for a new stroller, you might be advised to look at a few different manufacturers before diving in with this one!

However, it does have some great advantages for the right people. So, if you’re looking for a stroller that does what you want it to do without any confusion – you’ve got the right one here!

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baby jogger city mini gt2 review