Different Types Of Baby Clothes Names

Are you confused by all the different baby clothes names there are?

Bodysuit? Onesie? Romper? Not to even mention what is a wearable blanket!

Well, let us help guide you on the different types of baby clothes and names that may come by.

There are so many names for things that do not exist outside the baby clothes world, this can make shopping for your baby clothes really difficult to navigate. 

So, we want to ease some of that overwhelm and walk you through step by step on some common names for different types of baby clothes. 

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Baby Clothes Names

Let’s dive in and take a look at the different names of baby clothes.


Onesies can also be referred to as bodysuits, growsuit, creepers, diaper shirts, snapsuits, or side snap bodysuits (for the kimono style). Even a baby vest if the onesie is sleeveless.

So, what is a onesie?

A baby onesie is piece of baby clothing designed to be worn by babies much like a T-shirt. However unlike a T-shirt they extend below the waist to cover your baby’s diaper. They have snaps at the crutch of the onesie to allow for easy diapers changes.

A baby onesie comes in many styles including:

  • Sleeveless
  • Short-Sleeved
  • Long-Sleeved
  • Flutter-Sleeved
  • Kimono Style

These different styles can serve multiple purposes for instance they are each good for different climates. Similarly, if your baby has certain skin conditions then they may need long sleeved items as extra protection from the outside world. 


Baby coveralls may also be referred to as a sleeper, pajamas, pjs, sleep and play, footed pajamas, one-piece, jumpsuit, or overalls.

A baby coverall is quite self-explanatory it is a one-piece outfit that has long legs and sleeves. It usually either poppers up or zips up. This is one of the items that nearly all expectant parents buy and use. 

They come in lots of different styles and there are lots of variations of the coverall. One of the biggest varying factors is that some have feet and some are footless. 


A romper is also known as a jumpsuit, one piece, sunsuit, and playsuit.

A romper is similar to a onesie in terms of it one-piece outfit which covers your baby’s diaper. However they are mainly designed for the summer months so have both short sleeves and short legs.

They are more ‘dressy’ than a onesie.

Wearable Blanket

Also known as a sleep sack or sleep bag, a wearable blanket is like a mini sleeping bag for your baby and toddler.

It is a safe alternative for keeping your little one warm without using loose blankets in the crib.

Wearable blankets have grown in popularity over recent years as they are commonly associated with safe sleep and a reduction in SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Wearable blankets each have their own tog rating (commonly anywhere between 0.5 and 2.5). 

It is a good idea to buy wearable blankets with a variety of tog ratings as they each serve different purposes. For instance a 0.5 tog is designed for a colder environment than a 2.5 tog. Exact guides can be found online, or you can speak to a professional. 

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Baby Hat

Baby hats is a very self-explanatory term however there are lots of different types of hats for babies which serve many purposes. One of the most common types of baby hat is a wool newborn hat.

This is often given to babies at birth and helps to insulate their head.

Another common type of baby hat is a baby sun hat. Sun hats are really important as babies are sensitive to the sun, so this helps to protect them.

Similarly, winter hats are essential for warmth. 

Baby Booties

Baby booties are an equivalent of shoes but for babies. Babies do not walk and therefore have no need for shoes with a hard insole. Shoes are also not advised for babies as they can damage and affect the formation of the foot.

Babies’ booties are soft and warm for babies feet and help to insulate and keep the baby’s temperature within the right range. 


A snowsuit is a thick all in one that goes over the top of a baby or newborn outfit.

It helps to keep the baby warm and to protect them from adverse weather conditions such as snow or rain.

Snowsuits are designed for the colder months so think about the seasons when shopping for your baby and choosing clothes sizes. 

Why Do So Many Items Of Baby Clothing Have Several Names?

It can seem really complicated and unnecessary that so many items of baby clothing go by so many names. The reason behind this is usually that lots of brands supply to various countries so, depending on the place of origin the names may vary slightly. 

Similarly, the differentiation in names can be purely be branding related. For example a Onesie is a trademarked brand name so other companies will use an alternative baby clothing name like bodysuit as they legally can not use onesie even though they are essentially the same thing.

Final Thoughts on Types of Baby Clothes and Names

Baby shopping can seem like an incredibly daunting task and what definitely doesn’t help is the countless names for some exact same products.

Baby clothes are one of the most difficult elements of baby shopping to navigate. Hopefully this helpful guide will come in handy as you try to buy and organize your little one’s wardrobe.

Just remember it’s not necessarily what they are called that is important but rather what they are used for.

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Different Types Of Baby Clothes And Names