Baby Bath Time Essentials

Not sure what the baby bath time essentials you’ll need are?

Then this guide to bath essential for baby is for you!

Bathing your newborn baby for the first time feels intimidating – what if you do it wrong? It sends the most laid-back parents into a worried frenzy.

So, the first step is to gather all the needed baby bath time essentials.

The most important thing to remember when bathing your baby is to never leave them alone in the tub for even a second. Babies drown in an inch of water; it’s not worth the risk.

After that, you’ll find things that work for bathing your baby and things that don’t work at all. This often takes trial and error; that’s okay! That’s part of being a parent.

Here are some of the top baby bathtime essentials to get you started on the right foot for bathtime.

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List of 15 Baby Bath Time Essentials

Bath Essential For Baby

1. Baby Bath for a Sink

Once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, they’re ready for their first bath in a sink or tub time. Unfortunately, small babies don’t fit too well into infant bathtubs, so many parents prefer sink inserts. These can be used in your kitchen sink for quick baths until they get old enough for the tubs.

The top option for babies is the Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath Seat. It works best for newborns and comes in several different colors. The Blooming Bath Lotus fits most sinks, and it’s made from super-soft materials that conform to the sink. In addition, its washer and dryer safe, so it’s easy to keep clean.

This is one of the top baby bath time essentials.

2. Infant Bath Tub

After your baby is a bit older, it’s time you use an infant bathtub. They have tons of options online, but the idea is the same – it gives you a tub to place inside your larger bathtub for your baby to take a bath. You fill it with water and place your baby inside of it.

Many come with slings that can be used for smaller babies until they get older.

One of the top-rated choices for a baby tub is the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub. This is a four-stage convertible bath with a mesh sling for newborns, an insert to stop your baby from sliding, sit-me-up support aid, and a toddler tub space!

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3. Baby Bath Seat

If you want to get a dedicated baby bath seat for your independent sitter, it gives you a way to bathe your baby hands-free while they splash around. These seats stick to your bathtub with large suction cups to keep them in place.

One of the best baby bath seats is the Summer Infant My Bath Seat. It uses three extendable arms and suction cups to keep it in place while also keeping your baby in place securely. Parents love this bath seat and leave good reviews for it! 

Our Top Pick
Summer Infant My Bath Seat

This easy to set up baby bath seat uses secure suction cups on three extendable arms to provide hand free support and all-around stability for your baby!

The backrest is high and offers full comfort and support while your baby is sitting in this seat, while the front barrier prevents your baby from slipping out of the seat.

It’s also JPMA certified and meets ASTM consumer standards, so you know it’s safe to use with your child.

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4. Baby Soap and Shampoo

Using soap for newborns is not a requirement; many parents never use soap until their babies are older. However, at some point, you’ll want to have baby-safe soap and shampoo ready to use.

All babies have different skin types, and what works for one infant may not work for another baby. Keep that in mind and be willing to try other brands if you notice a reaction.

Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo is a top-rated choice by parents. It’s made with organic calendula, and it’s tear-free and free of any harmful chemicals. Another option is the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Wash and Shampoo. It’s hypoallergenic and made with natural oat extract; it’s excellent for sensitive skin.

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5. Baby Lotion

Many babies have minor eczema or dry skin, so keeping their skin well moisturized is a must. Applying lotion after bathing is an excellent way to keep their skin healthy.

Like baby soap and shampoo, a baby lotion isn’t the same for all babies. Some babies have more sensitive skin than others and need different ingredients in their lotion. So don’t be surprised if you have to try several brands.

Here are two great options.

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6. Bath Mat

If your bathtub doesn’t have a textured grip at the bottom, you’ll want to grab a bath mat. These are non-slip mats with suction cups that give your baby a safe place to sit while splashing and playing.

Check out the Sheepping Baby Bath Mat – it’s ideal for babies and made with eco-friendly materials, and it’s machine washable!

7. Spout Cover

While this is optional at first, as your baby gets older and starts using bathtime as playtime, you’ll want a spout cover that goes over the faucet. This prevents your baby from bumping his head on it.

That’s never a good thing! Some faucets are sharp and might cut your baby’s skin.

The best spout cover is the Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover. It’s a universal cover that fits most faucets.

8. Kneeler Pad

One of the worst things about bathing your baby is kneeling on the floor the entire time. Your knees start to ache, and finding a comfortable position isn’t possible.

This Baby Booth Store Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest is the answer to this problem. It’s a thickly padded kneeling pad that makes bathing your baby even easier — no more aching elbows or knees for you!

Plus, it has two hanging baskets on the side for you to keep your baby’s bath toys and bath accessories organized and stored away.

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9. Rinsing Cup

A rinsing cup is a must-have item. You need this to wash off the soap from your baby’s body and keep them warm as you spread water over their bodies.

Parents can grab any cup in their cabinet – preferably something plastic – or grab this Munchkin Rinse Shampoo Rinser. It’s a soft cup with a contouring rim that hugs your child’s forehead and keeps the water out of their eyes.

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10. Baby Washcloths

Technically, you could use adult washcloths, but most parents prefer those designed for babies. Baby washcloths are smaller, thinner, and softer, ideal for delicate baby skin.

You’ll love these bamboo washcloths by HipHop Panda. They’re made with two layers of soft, absorbent bamboo, and six washcloths come in a pack. They’re so soft you’ll want to use them for yourself!

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11. Hooded Baby Towels

Baby bath towels are so adorable and soft, especially the hooded towels. Hooded towels are a great choice because they keep your baby’s head and ears covered while you dry them off, keeping them warmer.

Babies hate to be cold – who can blame them?

HipHop Panda created these adorable bamboo hooded towels with bear ears, perfect for your babies. They’re ultra-absorbent and hypoallergenic; they’re an excellent baby shower gift!

12. Bath Thermometer

We all know that babies have delicate skin, and parents have to be careful not to place them in a bath with too hot water. Therefore, a baby bath thermometer is another top baby bath time essentials.

These thermometers alert you if the temperature is too hot or too cold. For example, water below 89.6 degrees F is considered too cold for babies, and anything about 102.2 is too hot.

13. Bath Toys

At first, your baby won’t be able to play with toys, but as they get older, toys in the bath become an absolute must-have baby bath time essential.

 Here are some great bath toys for babies to enjoy.

14. Toy Organizer

Once you start accumulating bath toys, you quickly realize you need somewhere to store all of these new toys instead of all over your bathtub.

The Munchkin Hanging Toy Storage Bag is made with quick-drying mesh and keeps all tub toys tidy. At the same time, the mesh ensures the toys dry in between baths and prevent the development of mold and mildew.

15. Baby Grooming Set

The last of the baby bath time essentials is a grooming kit. This Safety 1st Deluxe Grooming Kit contains 25 pieces needed to groom your baby, such as a brush, comb, cradle cap comb, toothbrush, nail clippers, and more!

Final Thoughts on Baby Bath Essentials

Once you get the hang of bathing your baby, it won’t seem intimidating anymore. Start by gathering all the baby bath time essentials and go from there, and remember, never leave your baby alone in the water, even for a second!

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