Ameda Mya Breast Pump Reviews

Are you trying to decide if the Ameda Mya Breast Pump is the right breast pump for you?

Then let us help you decide with our in-depth Ameda Mya Breast Pump reviews!

The Ameda Mya breast pump is a popular model with both parents and hospitals, thanks to a reputation for adjustable and powerful suction. But how does it actually perform?

Expressing milk can be uncomfortable, and a poor quality breast pump will often make the process long and ineffective.

Moms need a pump that is easy to use, works quickly, and can be adjusted for comfort. Unfortunately, finding the right pump is rarely easy.

The Ameda Mya Joy is a double electric breast pump that offers hospital-grade suction with adjustable settings.

Small and lightweight, the Ameda Mya Joy is a pump designed for easy use during busy days. In this guide, we’ll take a close look at the Ameda Mya Joy, to see if it lives up to expectations.

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All About Ameda Mya Breast Pump

Ameda Mya breast pumps are hospital-grade electric pumps designed to provide a high strength performance in an at home setting.

A mid-price pump, the Ameda Mya Joy is small and portable, using a closed system to make pumping easier.

There are two options of Ameda Mya Joy breast pump available: the Mya Joy, and the Mya Joy Plus. The main difference is that the Plus is rechargeable, and the Joy is battery-operated.

There are also several kits and bundles available, for a more complete package. This is a double electric breast pump, which can be used on the go thanks to an integrated clip.

Although the basic system isn’t hands-free, it can be purchased with a hands-free upgrade.

The motor runs at 45db which means that it won’t wake up your sleeping baby- perfect for nighttime pumping!

The only issue with nighttime pumping is that the buttons are not backlit which could make them difficult to see in the dark, yet the LED screen is very bright which could be a problem. 

It has an ergonomic design that feels very comfortable. It weighs just half a pound so you will be impressed at how light it is.

It is also small enough to be transported easily, making it simple to take on the go with you.

The battery on the Ameda Mya Joy Plus is rechargeable and can run for two hours, so you can easily take the breast pump with you on a day out and be able to use it several times without needing a power source.

The pump is very easy to assemble. Once you are familiar with the set up you will be able to set it up in less than 30 seconds.

The variable rate control dial allows you to easily adjust the speed and direction of the vacuum.

The pump has 5 different massage modes to encourage the milk flow and 10 expression modes to extract the milk.

This is designed to imitate the nursing habits of a baby whilst enabling you to customize the pumping cycle to suit your body. The Ameda Mya has a maximum pumping capacity of 250mmHG. 

The Ameda Mya pump comes with various bottles and removable cups. It can hold 8 ounces of milk at any one time which should be plenty for most mothers. The pump has a closed system which makes it very easy to clean. 

All you need to do is disassemble the pump and wash any parts that come into contact with the milk in warm water and soap. Some parts of the pump are dishwasher safe which makes the cleaning process even easier. 


  • Size – The breast pump is small and lightweight which makes it comfortable to use and easy to transport. 
  • Power – Despite the small size, this breast pump has a powerful motor that produces an efficient flow rate. 
  • Noise – The motor runs quietly which is ideal for nighttime pumping and discreet pumping. 
  • Simple – The pump is easy to assemble and disassemble and is very simple to use 
  • Cleaning – The pump has a closed system which makes it easy to clean, and some of the parts are dishwasher safe 


  • Storage – The Ameda Mya does not come with a storage bag to keep all of the accessories in. Some retailers offer a bundle that does include a bag but it costs more money so it might be cheaper to buy your bag. 
  • Customer Service – The product comes with a one-year warranty. Some customers found that if an accessory broke within one year the replacement process was stressful due to poor customer service. 
  • Buttons – The buttons on the control panel are not backlit which could be an issue during nighttime pumping 
  • Display – The LED display is great but it is very bright which could cause problems whilst nighttime pumping

What We Like About Ameda Mya Breast Pump

The Ameda Mya Joy is a breast pump that’s popular with both hospitals and parents.

The electric breast pump comes with plenty of features designed to make pumping as easy as possible. So, what do we like about the Ameda Mya Joy?

Powerful Suction

None of us want to spend the entire day pumping, which is why we need breast pumps with enough power to get it done quickly.

The 280Hg mm upper-limit suction capacity of the Ameda Mya breast pump is exceptional, and this is a hospital-grade pump.

Thanks to this powerful suction, moms will find they can keep pumping sessions short. And with the closed system, every drop pumped should be collected. You can pump quickly and effectively.

Adjustable Suction Modes

Breastfeeding is a personal thing, and what’s right for one mother might not be right for another. To ensure you can always pump comfortably, the Ameda Mya breast pump is equipped with a 2-phase adjustable suction.

First, there are 6 levels of stimulation, massaging the breast to ensure milk flow. This is followed by expression mode, with 12 levels to ensure a comfortable, speedy pump.

The variety available is fantastic, and it allows moms to really personalize their usage.

What feels right one day might be all wrong the next, and with the adaptability of the Ameda Mya Joy, you can ensure you have as comfortable an experience as possible.

Lightweight And Portable

Small, lightweight, and discreet, the Ameda Mya Joy and Joy Plus are excellent portable breast pumps.

Weighing less than a pound and able to fit on the hand, you’ll be happy to go to work, meet friends, or even vacation with the Ameda Joy.

It isn’t a wireless pump, so this isn’t as possible as some options on the market. However, it’s also significantly less expensive than a wireless pump.

In terms of noise, we think the Ameda Mya joy performs well. At less than 45dB it’s reasonably quiet, and should feel discreet in many situations.

Again, there are quieter options available, but they also tend to be more expensive.

Hygienic And Easy To Clean

Ameda claims that the Mya Joy breast pump has a true closed system. This prevents milk from entering the tubing, and prevents the growth of potential contaminants. The HygieniKit, as it’s known, is the only FDA-cleared pump kit.

The closed system also helps with cleaning, as it prevents milk from getting where it shouldn’t be. All you need to clean are the pieces the milk came into contact with.

At the end of a pumping session, simply rinse these pieces in cold water, wash with soap and warm water, rinse again, and leave to dry. Simple!

Quick Set Up

The Ameda Mya Joy breast pump is incredibly easy to use, and even first time moms should be able to get it set up in no time at all.

Ameda has included instructions that are clear and precise, but you might not even need them. The system is intuitive to set up, particularly for moms with prior experience pumping.

The digital buttons and clear screen make it easy to adjust your experience, and the simple timer allows you to keep track of time spent pumping.

The closed system improves milk collection and cleaning, for an overall experience that’s quick and easy.


The Ameda Mya Joy breast pump is a mid-price pump.

The Joy Plus is slightly more expensive, but not incredibly so, and it’s a reasonable price upgrade for the charging variety. We think the price is fair, for what you get in the system.

For parents on a budget, the Ameda Mya Joy offers an opportunity to get a quality, hospital-grade pump, at a reasonable price.

What We Don’t Like About Ameda Mya Breast Pump

The Ameda Mya breast pump had some fantastic features, but there are also a few issues that can’t be overlooked.

For moms needing a truly portable breast pump, there might be some problems. Let’s take a closer look at what we don’t like about the Ameda Mya breast pump.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Ameda Mya Breast Pump isn’t bad, but we’ve definitely seen better. Although you can expect the battery to last for an entire day, you will need to charge after a few pumping sessions.

One advantage to the Ameda Mya breast pump is that it does come with an auto shut-off.

After 45 minutes of use, the pump will stop. So, if you’ve accidentally left it running, you won’t completely drain the battery.

Bright LED Screen

The Ameda Mya Breast Pump has a brightly lit LED screen displaying the time spent pumping, and the level of pumping.

Because it’s an LED screen, when you’re using the pump during the night, it’s incredibly bright.

Although there are uses to the brightly lit screen, it would be nice if it could be turned off, or, at the very least, dimmed.

Buttons Aren’t Backlit

Conversely, another issue with the Ameda Mya breast pump is a lack of lighting. The buttons used to operate the pump aren’t backlit, which can make them tricky to use during the night.

There are only a few buttons, so you can mostly get by on feel. But let’s be honest, when we need to pump at night, we’re not always that intuitive! Some backlighting could improve the overall experience.

Poor Quality Accessories

While the pump itself is high quality, some parents do appear to have issues with the separate accessories. Some have found the accessories have broken easily, and don’t last as long as the main pump.

There also aren’t a huge number of accessories included as standard. If you want to use the breast pump hands-free, then you need to make a separate purchase.

And if you want to charge the Joy using the AC, you need to buy a separate adaptor.

Do We Recommend The Ameda Mya Breast Pump?

Overall, we are incredibly impressed with the performance of the Ameda Mya Joy breast pump. The hospital-grade suction meant pumping could be done quickly, while the closed system ensured it was effective.

With various stimulating and expression modes, we could ensure each pumping session was as comfortable as possible.

Lightweight and reasonably quiet, the Ameda Mya Joy was good to use on the go. Cleaning was also quick, again thanks to the closed system.

There are a few issues. The battery life is fine, but could be improved. Pumping at night was tricky as the screen was too bright, while the buttons were too dark. And although the pump itself was high quality, the accessories were lacking.

However, these were only small issues, and for the price, we found them easy to overlook.

Final Thoughts on ameda mya joy pump reviews

The right breast pump can make pumping easier and more comfortable. Lightweight and easy to use, we were impressed by the hospital-suction of the Ameda Mya, and the various expression modes.

For parents looking for a truly portable breast pump, the Ameda Mya Joy Plus lacks some battery life but, overall performance (and the price) made the Ameda Mya a breast pump to consider.

We hope this review has helped you find the right breast pump for you!

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