5 Vs 5T Clothing

Wondering what the difference between 5 vs 5T clothing is?

Then let us help make it clearer with this guide to 5 vs 5T size clothing.

When it comes to buying clothes for your child, the most important thing is buying clothes that fit correctly.

Afterall, you don’t want to go to all that effort of finding items you love, only to try them on your child and realize they don’t fit.

And whilst choosing clothing for your toddler may seem simple enough, when it comes to the differences in sizes you may find yourself a little unsure.

Especially when it comes to 5 versus 5T clothing sizes.

Obviously, the clear difference is the added letter. However, all of us who have had to buy clothes for children look at these two sizes and think they must be similar in some way, after all, they use the same number! 

So, if you want to find out about the differences between size 5 and size 5T, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a guide that outlines everything you need to know about size 5 and size 5T, so you can make the right decision on which size is best for your child. 

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What Is Size 5? 

Size 5 clothes are the size of clothing that comes after size 4. Size 5 clothes are aimed at big kids. This means they are the clothes you move your child on to, once they are no longer considered to be a toddler.

This might make it seem easier to decide what clothing size to choose for your child after they outgrow being in size 4 or size 4T but it can actually confuse more parents.

This is because it seems as though parents have two options to pick from.

Size 5 clothes are actually the second-smallest size of clothes that are aimed at big kids. This means that these clothes will fit kids who are on the smaller side or toddlers who are growing rapidly.

When it comes to what age this size should fit, most people will say that the sizes correspond with the child’s age. What this means is that a kid who is five years old will fit into size five. 

Size 5 clothing is aimed at kids, particularly children who are already potty-trained. It can be particularly confusing for parents to move to sizes after size 2T and 3T as there are options that are not solely aimed at toddlers. Size 5 clothing is considered to be bigger than size 5T clothing. 

What Is Size 5T?

So we know that size 5 clothing is aimed at children who are shopping in the kids’ section and are potty-trained. So what about those who are still in their diapers?

That is where size 5T comes in. This size is aimed at toddlers. It is also the biggest size of clothes that are designed for toddlers. 

So once your kid grows out of this size you will have to shop at the big kids’ section for them. Most parents choose to move their child on to size 6 after they outgrow size 5T, however, some choose to move to size 5.

The issue with this is that your child is likely to very quickly outgrow size 5 as it is not much bigger than size 5T. 

Size 5 clothes are considered to be bigger than size 5T clothes, however, some people believe they are the same size. What we do know is that size 5T clothes are made with the details that toddlers need out of their clothing in mind. 

This means that in things such as pants there is extra space in the bottom area so the pants are able to fit over the diaper without squishing it. They also tend to have features that are more appropriate for toddlers such as no loose ends to the legs of the pants. 

The Differences Between Size 5 And Size 5T 

So you know that size 5 is larger than size 5T and there are differences in the designs of size 5T clothing, but what are the other differences? Well, for one, we could look at the clothing requirements for each size. 

In terms of weight, the requirement for size 5 is 42 to 46 pounds. The height range for size 5 clothing is 45 to 47 inches. Whereas, the weight range for 5T clothing is 38 to 42 pounds. The height range for size 5T clothing is 42 to 44 inches.

This makes it clear that size 5T is smaller than size 5. 

On top of being smaller, size 5T clothes also have certain design features that make them better for toddlers. For example, most of the pants for size 5T clothes have an adjustable waist, which makes them fit nicely over the diaper.

This is different from the waist of size 5 clothing items as they have a set waist size. 

So when it comes to choosing the correct size for your child, it really depends on their individual requirements. If you have a child who is still in their diapers, then it would be best to choose 5T because it has room for your child to wear a diaper comfortably. 

However, if your child is out of diapers and is within the weight and height range of size 5 clothes, then that would be the best size to buy for them.

5t vs 5

How To Pick The Right Size For Your Child

Now that you know all about these two sizes, let’s have a look at some ways you can always pick the right size clothes for your child.

Use Their Measurement Rather Than Their Age

When it comes to picking the right size for your child it is better to use their measurement rather than their age. It comes as no surprise that some children grow at a faster rate than others, this means they might not fit into the size that is supposed to be for their age.

This is the same for children who grow at a slower rate compared to other kids. 

So to save yourself the hassle of having to return the clothes you purchased, use their measurements instead. 

Understand What The Sizes Mean Before 

The key to a successful and calm shopping trip – well as calm as it can be when you are out with kids – is to know what the sizes mean before you go on your trip. This helps you to not feel overwhelmed by all the choices available. 

It will also help you locate the clothes you are looking for. It is important to note that size 5T will be in the toddler section but size 5 will be in the kids’ section. 

Shop In Person

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, it can seem like a bit of a chore to go to the shops. 

However, at the shops, you would be able to have your child try on the clothes and leave with what actually fits them. This saves you from having to return the clothes since you know they fit. It will also allow you to see the difference between the sizes in person when they are on the coat rack. 

Tips For When It’s Time To Move Up A Size

Something to consider before buying clothes in a different size is whether they need to size up. There are some things you can look out for to see if your child needs to go up a size in clothes. 

One good thing to check is if their sleeves are fitting properly. If their wrists are hanging out of their sleeves then this is a good sign that the top is too small for them. 

You should also look out for their ankles and legs being exposed when wearing pants. If the pants are sitting too short on them, then it’s time to size up. 

If you find that it is becoming hard to put their clothes on and harder to take them off, this is a sure sign you should buy new clothes. 

Final Thoughts on 5 Vs 5T Clothing

Choosing the right size for your little one is an essential part of dressing them. If you don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out which size to get, then it’s best to just stick to the basics. These include using their measurement rather than their ages and going to the shops in person. 

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the sizes 5T and 5 and feel as though you are ready to make the choice of which size is better for your child. 

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