Baby Photo Ideas For Baby’s First Year

Are you looking for inspiration for adorable baby photos to take in your baby’s first year?

Then you have come to the right place!

There is no doubting that the first year of your baby’s life goes by fast. One moment you are holding your newborn in your arms at the hospital and the next you are singing them happy birthday and wondering where all that time went.

So, it makes sense to want to capture all those precious baby moments. And why not! They are only this little once!

But don’t stress if you are not glued to your camera, you don’t have to miss out on all those precious baby photos.

We have put together the below list of adorable baby photos you can take in your baby’s first year, so you don’t miss a thing.

So, whether your baby knows to smile on demand or you’re just soaking it all in, here are some baby photo ideas to take in their first year.

Baby Photo Ideas For Baby’s First Year

Below is a list of 40+ baby photo ideas to take in your baby’s first year:

Photos Of Your Baby’s Firsts

Baby Photo Ideas

– First photo

– First nappy change

– First visitors

– First bath

– First time leaving the hospital

– First smile

– First foods

– First steps

– First holidays

– First tooth

– First haircut

– First birthday – we love these first birthday theme ideas if you’re needing some inspiration on party ideas!

Photos With Family

Baby Photo Ideas With Mom

– With mama

– With daddy

– With siblings

– With grandparents (holding hand is another beautiful photo)

– With great grandparents

– With family pets

– With any other family and friends that are important to you

– Group family photo

– Three (or four) generations together

Photos Of Key Baby Milestones

– Rolling over

– Sitting up

– Crawling (or bum shuffling as my little girl did!)

– Cruising furniture

– First steps

The Everyday Baby Photos

Baby Photo Idea

– Feeding your baby

– Sleeping (or you both sleeping)

– Swaddled

– Little hand and tiny toes

– Sweet little yawns

– Play-time

– Tummy time

– Bath time

– Changing their diaper

– In mama and daddy’s arms

– Giving your baby a kiss

– Waving

– With their baby friends

– In their car seat

– In their pram/baby carrier

– Riding on mom or dad’s shoulders

– Crying

– Looking in the mirror

Monthly Baby Photo

– One for each of the 12 months in the first year

No matter what photos you take, don’t forget to pick out and print a few of your favorite ones to place around your home or add to your baby memory book.

It is crazy when you look back on them and see just home much your baby has changed.

Final Thoughts on Baby First Photo Ideas

Your baby’s first year is a magical time filled with amazing firsts!

We hope this guide has been helpful in giving you some ways in with you can capture some of those precious first moments with these adorable baby photos ideas.

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