4 Vs 4T Clothing

Wondering what the difference between 4 vs 4T clothing is?

Then let us help make it clearer with this guide to 4 vs 4T size clothing.

When it comes to buying clothes for your child, the most important thing is buying clothes that fit correctly.

Afterall, you don’t want to go to all that effort of finding items you love, only to try them on your child and realize they don’t fit.

And whilst choosing clothing for your toddler may seem simple enough, when it comes to the differences in sizes you may find yourself a little unsure.

Especially when it comes to 4 versus 4T clothing sizes.

So, if you are finding yourself in this predicament where you are trying to work out the difference between 4 and 4T, keep reading on so you can shop with confidence.

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Is 4 the Same as 4T?

So before we look at the details of the two sizes independently, let’s go through the main difference between these sizes. In general, size 4 is slightly larger than size 4T. In terms of ages, size 4T is to be worn by toddlers whereas size 4 is the smallest size offered to big kids. 

What Is Size 4? 

Size four is the size of clothing that comes after your child starts to outgrow their 3T clothes. This is where it can become a bit confusing for new parents. When your child is a toddler parents are used to buying clothes for them that have a number and a T as the size name.

Then suddenly, parents are introduced to sizing without any letters along with ones with letters. 

Size 4 clothing is considered to be the starting size for kids. This means your child would have moved out of the toddler clothes and you would now be buying from the big kids’ section.

The good thing about these sizes is that they try to reflect the age of your child. So in this case size 4 would be aimed at children aged four years old. 

In terms of children’s sizes, a size four would be an extra small, so they would be the smallest of the big kids. The key to remember with size four clothes is that they are aimed at children who are potty-trained.

So, what about the children who need to move on to size four but aren’t potty-trained? Well, that is where size 4T comes into play.  

What Is Size 4T?

If you are familiar with toddler sizing then seeing a size 4T might not be that confusing for you. When we see children’s clothes sizes that have a T with them, this usually means that they are aimed at toddlers.

So when you are looking to size up from a 3T you have two options, size 4 or size 4T. The main difference between these two sizes is that 4T is aimed at toddlers who are still in diapers. 

Whilst size 4 might be slightly bigger than size 4T due to the fact that it is aimed at kids rather than toddlers, size 4T has the requirements that are needed for children in diapers. 

When you look at size 4T pants, you’ll notice that they have more room in the bottom area compared to size 4 pants. This is because size 4T pants are made to fit over a diaper but size 4 pants are not.

This is why most people get confused with the sizing of children’s clothes because there is an overlap in toddler sizes and big kid sizes. 

Comparison of Size 4T and Size 4

We’ve slightly touched on a few differences between size 4T clothing and size 4 clothing. However, let us have a look at some other differences in more detail. We know that size 4T is meant to be for toddlers who are wearing diapers and size 4 is aimed at children older than 3 years old.

Also, we know that size 4 clothing is bigger than size 4T. However, we haven’t gone into detail about how it is bigger. On the whole, size 4 clothes will have longer sleeve lengths and longer leg lengths compared to size 4T clothes. This means that compared to size 4T, size 4 outfits are taller. 

Size 4 clothes also have a fixed waist size compared to size 4T clothes. Size 4T clothes have an adjustable waistband to accommodate for tightening it around the diaper. These clothes tend to have pant legs that cuff at the bottom as well, compared to size 4 clothes. 

When it comes to choosing between size 4T and size 4 clothes then it completely depends on your own child’s development and growth.

If you have a toddler that grows very quickly and might be slightly bigger than your average toddler then moving them to 4T clothing would work, especially if they are not potty-trained. 

However, if you have a kid who is out of diapers but is smaller than your average big kid, then moving them on to wearing size 4 is a good idea. 

is 4 the same as 4t

Tips For Choosing The Correct Size Clothes

Hopefully, you feel more comfortable about deciding between size 4T and size 4. However, here are some tips to help make sure you buy the correct size clothes for your child and work out when it is time to change sizes. 

Go In Person

When it comes to shopping for your child’s clothes and you suspect that they may need to go for a bigger size, then it is always good to shop in person.

This way you can see the difference in sizes on the rack and even try on the clothes before you buy. This saves having to return anything that doesn’t fit at a later date. It also helps to give you a better understanding of how the sizes work. 

Use The Measurements

If you are ever in doubt about what size to buy, then base it on the measurements. What we mean by this is to look at the weight range and height range of certain sizes and then compare with your child’s weight and height. 

For example, the height range for size 4T clothes is 37 to 39 inches. The weight range for size 4T is 33 to 36 pounds. For more detail, you could look at the chest size, which is 23 inches for a size 4T.

However, for a regular size four, the height range is 40 to 42 inches. The weight range for size 4 is 36 to 40 pounds. Lastly, the chest size for a size 4 is 24 inches. 

When In Doubt, Go Bigger

If there is absolutely no chance of you being able to go to the shops in person or have your child try on the clothes, then it is always best to go for a slightly bigger size if you are stuck between two. 

This means that if it doesn’t fit your child straight away they have the chance to grow into the clothes, and with the rate that children grow they’ll be in that outfit sooner than you think. Plus many parents swear by buying clothes a size too big so you are prepared for when they need to move up a size. 

Keep An Eye Out For Hanging Wrists

You may be wondering when you should move your child up to the next size. This is something that every parent wonders about at some point. Especially, since the signs that your child has grown out of the clothes or is starting to isn’t always blatantly obvious. 

So, our best tip is to keep an eye out for their wrists. Long sleeve tops should end at the wrist, not before them. If you see their wrist hanging out of their sleeve it is time to move on to the next size. The same goes for ankles. If you can start to see their ankles, then they need to move up a size. 

Final Thoughts on 4 Vs 4T

We hope that these tips will help you find the right size clothes for your kids. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose between sizes 4T and 4, as well as other sites.

But, hopefully, you now have a bit more information to help you decide. Also, remember that clothing sizes do vary from brand to brand. 

So, if you don’t want to guess, then take a few minutes to check the sizing chart for each item you plan to purchase. You never know, you might just save yourself a lot of hassle and money!

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