2T vs 3T Clothing

Wondering what the difference is between 2T and 3T clothes sizes?

Then let use help with this 2T vs 3T size guide!

Parenting is a rewarding job and there is nothing more special than watching your child grow up. As parents, it is our duty to make sure that our child feels loved for they are our number one priority, and it is also important for our child to feel comfortable. 

Although we are prepared for what to expect when having a child, only when truly experiencing it do we understand the pain of buying children’s clothing. What makes things even harder is understanding clothing terminology and how it will fit.

So, to help, we have come up with this helpful guide to teach you all about clothing for your child, particularly centering on the differences between 2T and 3T.

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3t vs 2t

What’s The Difference Between 2T vs 3T

You may think that the hard part is when they are a baby, but toddlers grow just as fast. That is why clothing brands have come up with a system to help you pick out the right sized clothing which should last longer. 

For a toddler, 2T and 3T are the best options to go for, however this can be confusing, especially those with no experience in shopping for toddlers.

Below, we will be taking you through what 2T and 3T means, making shopping trips a little easier for you.

What Do We Mean By 2T?

When using the term 2T, it is referring to the age of the child (in this case, 2 years old) and their life stage (toddler). When seeing this label, this means that the average sized 2-year-old toddler should be able to fit into that piece of clothing.

size between 2t and 3t

What Do We Mean By 3T?

3T works the same way as 2T – the 3 means the age of the child (3 years old) and the T stands for toddler. This clothing size offers a slimmer fit for the toddler as well as still allowing enough extra room for diapers.

3T will fit most average sized 3 year olds, especially if they still wear a diaper, as it offers that extra needed space unlike a size 3.

Does Gender Matter?

Typically, the male grows up to be taller than the female. As well as this, females are known to grow faster than males. This information on growth can make parents question if these clothes sizes make any difference when it comes to gender, but the simple answer is no. 

The sizes 2T and 3T are simply made to fit the average sized toddler for that age group, but gender is not taken into account when it comes to this.

If you wish to, feel free to mix and match with different sizes to see if it fits well. You can also turn to the retailer to ask specific questions on the topic.

Tips for Dressing Toddlers

Whilst we have already discovered what 2T and 3T means, not all toddler body types are the same. You also may find that you are buying certain clothes but they still don’t fit right. What should you do if this is the case for your toddler?

Below, we will be listing some helpful tips to help you when it comes to dressing your toddler.


Did you know that most swimsuits run small? If you are wanting to bond with your toddler at the local pool or have fun splashing around in their inflatable pool in the backyard, buy a swimsuit that is one size up from their usual size. Your toddler will not be restricted, will feel free and comfortable.

Below Average Height

Your child may be short for their age and because of this it makes it more difficult to get the right size. Do not feel pressured to get a toddler size because your child is a toddler. Most likely, you will benefit from purchasing baby sizes (this will be labeled in months).

High-end Clothing

It may be that you are going out to eat as a family and are dressing up. You want your toddler to look their best too so purchase some clothing from a high-end store. Be aware that these clothes are likely to run small too.

Either try on different sizes with your toddler in the store’s dressing room or, if you are buying as a gift, go the safe route and size up.

Final Thoughts on Size 2t vs 3t

When it comes to shopping for toddler clothes, it can be somewhat of a nightmare. The fun part is picking out all the cute colors and designs of the clothes, but we never speak about the pain of finding clothes that fit.

Either they will grow out of the clothes within months or what you thought would fit them is no good.

In this article, we have explained what 2T and 3T means – this is what you should be looking for when shopping for your toddler. Do not be confused with 24 month clothing and don’t restrict yourself to one size because of the label; children grow at different rates so it is better to be safe and size up.

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difference between 2t vs 3t