Ways To Upcycle Baby Clothes

Are you looking for some fun and creative ways to upcycle your baby clothes?

Then you have come to the right place!

If you are a new mom, then it is quite likely you have been overrun with baby clothes!

Especially with how fast your baby seems to grow. Honestly, it seems like you blink and suddenly your baby had gone up another size.

Yet, as fast as they grow, it can be hard to pass on some of those adorable baby outfits. Especially if they hold a sentimental value.

So, rather than putting them in a baby keepsake box and storing them away, here are some clever ways that you can upcycle those sweet baby outfits and turn them into something meaningful that can be used, displayed, and treasured.

Used Baby Clothes Ideas

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Below is 15 ideas you can use to upcycle baby clothes:

1. Baby Clothes Quilt

If you can sew or know someone who can then it is a simple as following a great memory quilt pattern, otherwise there are a number of shops on Etsy that can create this for you.

2. Memory Bear

Like a memory quilt, it is pretty handy is you know how to sew (maybe a new hobby?) or know someone who can so you can just follow the pattern. But, again don’t stress if you don’t there are plenty of places you can get one done like Memory Bears 2 Treasure.

Baby Memory Bear

3. Shadow Box

To create you shadow box you are first going to want to start with a deep box frame (like this one). Then you are going to want to plan out all your baby clothes and keepsakes that you want to include. I have seen some amazing newborn ones which include first outfit, socks, a mitten, beanie, ultrasound photo, small baby photo, hospital bracelet, umbilical cord, lock of hair, and small note. You really can get as creative as you like with these, even theming them based on each month of their first year, their first birthday, first holiday etc.

4. Memory Pillows

If you want to DIY I’d recommend following a pattern like this one from The Original Fox. The great thing about these is that you can really make them at any age, so if you wanted you could make a new one each year to add to your collection.

5. Upcycled Headbands

If you have a little girl, this is a such cute way to upcycle her baby clothes! Check out this Youtube video to see how easy they are to DIY.

6. Frame Them

Such a simple idea but also a perfect way to display your most treasured baby outfits. Choose a frame that you like (large enough to lay your outfit out flat), then remove the backboard. Next you want to add a piece of paper for the background (you can get as creative as you like with colored and patterned paper though I personally like plain white so it doesn’t take away from the outfit). Then arrange your outfit and carefully secure it back in the frame. Now you have a gorgeous and meaningful little piece of artwork to hang in your home.

7. Quilted Wall Hanging

Like a quilted baby blanket, you can upcycle baby clothes but turning them into a gorgeous quilted wall hanging. Perfect for hanging in your baby nursery.

8. Quilted Christmas Stocking

Start a new family Christmas tradition and turn your baby clothes into a Christmas stocking that can be used for years to come.

9. Baby Bunting

Another sweet décor idea for your baby’s nursey or even sentimental decorations for their first birthday party.

10. Doll Clothes

Give the baby clothes to your child and let them use them for doll clothes. They will love all the options to dress up their dolls.

11. Soft Baby Toys

Upcycle your baby clothes into toys or games that your little ones can play with. From alphabet letters to bean bags to soft balls/blocks you can really get as creative as you like in terms of game ideas. Asa well as repurpose them into gorgeous stuffed toys.

12. Donate Them

Now if it doesn’t break your heart, donating your baby clothes is a great way to see your baby clothes used, as well as blessing another mama with your hand me downs.

13. Bibs

Once your baby starts solids, you are going to need a few bibs to help with the clean up! So, what not have fun creating your own.

14. Christmas Ornament

Make an extra special Christmas ornament for your baby’s first Christmas. Simply add a baby hat, mittens or your favorite baby outfit into a clear, fillable Christmas ornament. You can then decorate it or leave it clear.

15. Reusable Snack Bags

Snack bags are handy no matter what age you are! Plus they are great for the environment. Here is a great tutorial on how you can make your own DIY reusable snack bags.

Final Thoughts on Upcycling Baby Clothes

Just because your baby has outgrown their clothes doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. There are lots of different ways you can repurpose baby clothes and terms them into something meaningful.

We hope this guide has been helpful in inspiring you in ways to use old baby clothes.

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Ways To Upcycle Baby Clothes