Time Capsule Ideas

Time capsules are a great way to capture a moment in your life and save mementos from that season of your life for later.

They allow you to remember the past, but also remind you of what things were important to you back then.

While a graduation cap might help you remember what it was like to be at graduation, a photo from the day will remind you of the friends you made, or the cute dress you bought for the occasion.

If you are looking for a few excellent time capsule ideas, we’ve got you covered!

In this guide we are going to take a look at how to create a time capsule, different time capsule ideas, and what to put into a time capsule.

DIY Time Capsule | How To Create A Time Capsule

How To Create A Time Capsule

If it is your first time making a time capsule, then you may be a little unsure about where to start. Here are the basics for creating your time capsule!

1 | Choose a container: Make sure to choose something sturdy and right for the environment that you plan on storing it in. Also, consider size when selecting your time capsule container.

2 | Decide where to store your time capsule.

3 | Put your items in your time capsule

4 | Decorate your time capsule.

5 | Add an “open on date” to your time capsule.

Baby Time Capsule Ideas | What To Put In A Time Capsule

What To Put In A Time Capsule?

You may be stuck on what things to put in a time capsule. This is one of the main reasons many of us never make one!  

If you have never done a time capsule before, here are few ideas of what to put in your time capsule:

  • Newspaper clippings
  • Photos
  • Art projects
  • Video recording or DVD
  • Ticket stubs
  • School projects or essays
  • Menus (cookbooks or favorite recipes)
  • Popular toys
  • Special notes
  • Fashionable rends from that year
  • Tour of your home
  • Something specific to that year
  • Goals or things that you accomplished that year

You want to put things in your time capsule that you’ll be able to remember when you open it next.

If you are worried you might forget the significance of an item, write a note to go along with it!

Time Capsule Container Ideas

Time Capsule Ideas

Creating a theme for your time capsule is a great way to avoid just putting random things in a box or container for you to look at later.

You can do them regularly for each year, or use them for a specific moment in time that covers a special occasion.

Here are some ideas for themed time capsule ideas:

  • Baby time capsule
  • Baby shower time capsule
  • Christmas time capsule
  • First day of school time capsule
  • Back to school time capsule
  • Childhood dreams time capsule
  • Family reunion time capsule
  • Family memory time capsule
  • Vacation fun time capsule
  • Milestone time capsule
  • ‘Favorites’ time capsule
  • Goals for the year time capsule
  • New house time capsule (this one could be a fun thing to leave behind for the next owners!)
  • Time capsule for kids 

Once you’ve completed your time capsule, you may want to consider registering it for free with the International Time Capsule Society (ITCS). This volunteer run organization was set up to build a historical record of time capsules and to ensure time capsules can be traced generations from now.

Final Thoughts On Family Time Capsule Ideas

A family time capsule is a great way to capture special moments of your family’s life. From a new born time capsule to a special grandparent time capsule there are a lot great time capsule ideas to choose from.

No matter what the reason for creating a time capsule is, I hope you get out there and try it!

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Time Capsule Ideas | 15 Family Time Capsule Ideas & What To Put In Them