Ideas To Include In Your Baby Memory Book

One of the best things about keeping a baby memory book is having all those treasured memories to look back on when your child is all grown up (and believe me, it happens so much quicker than you expect).

There is no doubt your child will also love looking back at those precious details about themselves and learning just how loved they really are.

So, once you have decided on the best baby memory book for you, you are probably wondering what type of things do you actually include in it.

Now, I’ll be upfront, the type of baby record book you have chosen will somewhat dictate the amount of details you can record. For example, there may be limited space outside of the prompts to write stories and add notes. So, if you haven’t decided yet on your new baby book, you may want to check out our guide on how to choose the perfect baby memory book.

That said, it shouldn’t stop you from recording and treasuring the things most important to you!

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What To Include In A Baby Book

Here are 12 ideas you may want to consider including in your baby memory book:

1. Photo Of Your Pregnancy Test

For most, a pregnancy test is the start of your baby journey. Those two little blue lines that appear, after what seems like you’ve been waiting hours, are generally the first confirmation that you get that you are indeed pregnant. So, capturing that moment and all the emotion that goes with it seems like the perfect place to start your baby memory book. We suggest taking a photo of you or you and your partner with the positive pregnancy test to include in your baby book. And, if your baby memory book has additional storage for keepsakes you may even choose to keep your pregnancy test.

2. Ultrasound Pictures

It is incredible how technology allows you not just to hear your baby’s heartbeat while they are in utero but also see them growing and moving inside of you. So, make sure when you have your ultrasound appointment you also request a printout of the ultrasound images so you can include them in your book and treasure that moment for years to come.  

3. Pregnancy Photos

Whether you choose to include monthly progress photos (each with their own super cute pregnancy milestone card) or just the one ‘bump’ photo you will love being able to look back on those gorgeous maternity photos. And no doubt your child will get a kick out of seeing themselves in your belly.

Baby Keepsake Ideas

4. Pregnancy Announcement

Did you or are you planning to do a special pregnancy announcement? If so, you may want to consider including a copy of it in your baby keepsake book or in the keepsake pocket if your book has one.

5. Baby Shower Memories

Now this will vary for each person, but ideas you may want to include from your baby shower include a list of all the baby shower guests and possibly the items that they brought for your baby, photos of the day, funny stories from the day like how you did the gender reveal, and small baby shower keepsakes or things that are important to you from the day.

6. The Birth Story

Typically, most baby memory keepsake books will include prompts for the details of your baby’s birth like time, height, weight, and location, but you may want to delve a little deeper into the birth story.  If so, you may want to include options such as:

– The time you went into labor

– The time your waters broke

– Where you were when you went into labor

– Who was with you

– The type of delivery you had

– Who was the midwife/doctor

– Were there any complications

– How you were feeling

– Did anything funny happy like your husband passed out

– Who did the first bath and changed the first nappy

– How you decided on their name

7. Family Tree

A sweet touch to any baby girl memory book or baby boy memory book is an outline of their family tree. After all, we all like to know where we came from. You can go into as little or as much depth as you like, but people you may want to consider are siblings, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins.

8. Major Milestones

Now it wouldn’t be much of a baby book without recording all those important ‘firsts’. You may choose to just record the major milestone for the 1 year of your baby’s life or it is also quite common to also include birthdays up to the first five years. Major milestone include things like months, first teeth, first steps, first haircut, first birthday and so on. You’ll also want to make sure you capture the milestones with photos to include in your book. A great way to help do that is with a super cute baby milestone stickers or baby milestone cards.

Baby Milestone Record Book Ideas

9. Photos

It can be easy to run out of room pretty quick when you start including a lot of photos in your baby milestone book, after all who doesn’t love taking photos of their precious little baby! So, if you are the type to want to include a lot of photos ideally you will choose a baby book that you can add additional pages too (like this ring binder on Etsy) or one that has plenty of additional keepsake pockets. But either way there are a quiet a few photos that you won’t want to miss! These include:

– There very first photo (and/or photos from the hospital)

– First day your baby comes home

– A family photo

– Photos with different family members and friends (such as grandparents)

– Milestone photos with a super cute baby milestone sticker or baby milestone card (first time standing, first haircut, etc.)

– A monthly photo of your baby

– Holidays (such as your baby’s first Christmas)

– And a few just because photos (these are your favorite photos that mean something special to you).

10. Favorite Quotes

Inspirational quotes are the perfect way to sum up all your feelings in just a few short words. They also can make a great caption to those beautiful photos. If you need a little inspiration check out our inspirational pregnancy quotes, new mom quotes, and family quotes And Sayings.

11. Letters To Your Baby

Letters to your baby are a beautiful way to capture your hopes, dreams, and words of wisdom to you your child for when they grow up. They can be written in your baby book in the form of little notes or you may choose to make it a formal letter for them to open later and store it the keepsake pocket of your book.

12. Your Personality

Just because your writing a baby record book does not me it can’t be creative and fun! So, make sure you add a little of your personal flare to it and bring your baby memory book to life. This will be different for everyone, but it might mean adding creative drawings, fun baby stickers, or recording the major events happening at the time, or even interesting random little facts. Whatever your style makes sure you include it and make your baby memory book extra special and unique.

Final Thoughts on What Goes In A Baby Book

A baby memory book is a gorgeous way to capture your baby’s first year and beyond. What you choose to include in your baby memory book is really up to you, but the important thing is that it filled with things that have meaning to you.

We hope this guide has been helpful in you decide what to write in a baby book keepsake and inspired you with some baby book ideas.

And if you’re looking for more great baby guides, then check out these guides on best baby memory books, unique ways to record baby milestones, what to put in a baby keepsake box, and baby photo ideas for baby’s first year.

Ideas To Include In Your Baby Memory Book